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Myths & Facts of Pregnancy

December 3, 2020

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Hot food

Hot food[/caption]Hot and Cold Food: Food produces energy, the hot or cold feeling one feels after consuming certain foodstuff is because they can trigger the heat or cold receptors, the effect cannot reach the baby or cause abortions!Sex during later part of pregnancy helps in standard delivery: Not true, the act nor the prostaglandins in the semen can stimulate labour. It is only an individual choice.Want to Consult an expert? Find the best pregnancy doctor in GurgaonStuffing ears with cotton, wearing woollen clothes in summer after delivery: Not required, immunity can be a bit low due to hormonal changes but covering up does not prevent infection, hygiene and avoiding contact with sick people is essential.


Eating fruits during lactation causes cold to babies: There is no direct connection between the breast and stomach! Only nutrients from digested food may find access to breast milk. Some intense flavours, certain drugs can be found in breast milk.Epidurals and spinal cause back pain: The technology is so advanced that the technique and size of needles used for such procedures are very sophisticated, back pain most often is as a result of bad posture, lack of postpartum rehabilitation exercises.Must Read: Preconception Planning[caption id="attachment_23246" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

women eating fruits

women eating fruits[/caption]Iron tablets make babies dark!!! Elemental Iron is silvery shiny grey! But once again Iron does not coat the baby’s skin!!!

Calcium supplements make baby big: Not true, Calcium is an essential element for Indian women, and 70% of Indian women are low on Calcium and Vitamin D.

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Calcium Tablets

Calcium Tablets[/caption]

Calcium supplements make baby big: Not true, Calcium is a very essential element for Indian women and 70% of Indian women are low on calcium and Vitamin D.

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