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Story Of Baby Ritisha

December 3, 2020

My Darling Baby Rishita

My motherhood story covers a lot of emotions, pain, shocks, love, care, tragedy and many more things which I can't describe in detail. I got pregnant last year on February, 13. I was very happy that finally, I will have my baby after 4 years of my marriage.

Around the first 4 months of my pregnancy passed easily but 5th month was not at all good for mas I was started suffering from severe pain in my right hip and leg. Finally, after a month, I was standing outside my home for the office and suddenly I have fallen down.

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I cried and shouted for help and then people came to pick me up but now I was not able to stand on my own. I was worried that my baby id saves or not. Went to my Gynaecologist and was happy to know that my baby is saved but I was still not able to walk or stand on my leg. I visited then an ortho he said to wait for 1 week and u will be fine.

Finally, after 1 week, I cannot have X-ray and people and ortho doctor said I had a major fracture in my hip and I have to undergo a surgery. After hearing this tears rolled down from my eyes. Finally, we decided the best hospital Fortis which I will now never recommend for Ortho department.

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I have undergone my hip surgery in July while taking full precautions of my pregnancy. Doctors asked me not to put any pressure or wait on my surgery leg until I deliver my baby that means October, 13.I was totally asked to take bed rest and use a walker and jump on one leg only for using washrooms or visiting my gynaecologist.

Finally, in spite of this condition, I was very happy and eagerly waiting to welcome the newborn. On the 10th of October, my happy day was here. I was very anxious to see my baby and I have undergone the surgery and delivered a very beautiful charming sweet lovable darling baby Ritisha.

Guys the story not ends here only double tragedy was that when fortis people again had my x-ray, we came to know that my legs are still having a fracture due to the fault of doctors and I can't explain that my baby was sleeping beside me and I cried loudly this time.

Asked God why me but no voice and we have to again take a firm decision. I have to wait again for a month after my delivery to again go for 3rd surgery. This time I decided to my operation in Medanta, Gurgaon which was my final and last decision. I have to go for total hip replacement that happened in November.

I was not allowed to stay in hospital with my baby or hubby so that dere is no infections. This is the policy of the ortho department in Medanta. Guys, now I am well and happily enjoying my motherhood life with my sweetheart baby Ritisha.

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