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Morning Sickness Myths

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Morning sickness

Morning sickness[/caption]Myth #1: You may hear that morning sickness can lead to miscarriage. If you are experiencing morning sickness, the last thing that you need to be doing is stressing about it leading to a miscarriage.Need to consult a specialist? Find the best pregnancy doctor in NoidaMyth #2: Vomiting during morning sickness will hurt your baby. It is true that you may feel terrible, but your baby is as happy as a clam. The baby is completely safe even after the smell of the chicken that you were trying to make for dinner makes you barf for the fifth time that day.

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Myth #3: Morning sickness will prevent your baby from getting the nutrients that she needs to grow and develop.It is true that if you are very sick, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated. Do your best to eat a healthy diet and take your prenatal vitamins. Eat when you can. If you are able to keep fluids down, you and your baby will be fine. Unless your morning sickness is unusually severe, your baby will not be negatively affected. When morning sickness is this extreme it is called hyperemesis gravidarum. It is also true that the baby will crack at the nutrients maximally from whatever the mom eats!Must Read: Two recipes to help overcome morning sickness[caption id="attachment_23062" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Pregnant women feeling vomitting

Pregnant women feeling vomiting[/caption]Myth #4: If you are not experiencing morning sickness, you are probably having a boy. This is actually a great example of an old wives tale. There is no evidence that the presence or lack of morning sickness can in any way predict the gender of your baby.[caption id="attachment_23063" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Pregnant women feeling tired

Pregnant women feeling tired[/caption]Myth #5: The biggest myth of all is that morning sickness only occurs in the morning. It can hit at completely random times – the back-up is purely oriented to the hormonal changes and hence it is/cannot be time-bound!!!To Know More: About A Guide On Dealing with Morning Sickness