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It's Our Baby Programme: Element 4. Management of Baby Affairs

The It’s Our Baby Programme is a marvellous chest of wonders, seamed together carefully to see you through every stage of pregnancy, delivery and early motherhood. This month, as we unveil the It’s Our Baby Programme, we have handpicked ten prime elements to tell you about; ones that we thought would hold a special place in your heart. Each one, unfurled through an individually dedicated blog post. We’ve already covered the first three elements: the Prenatal Workshop, the Prenatal Fitness + Nutrition Programme and the Baby Shower on Cloudnine.

Today, as we delve deeper, we blow the dust off the fourth element: the Management of Baby Affairs (MBA) programme. Before we do though, we thought you might like to take a step back to glean the highlights of the It’s Our Baby Programme.

The It’s Our Baby Programme on Cloudnine

The It’s Our Baby Programme is a maternity programme that ensheaths a plethora of workshops, events and sessions spanning pregnancy, delivery and early motherhood. It has taken us a decade to craft the perfect maternity programme for you, only because we have scoured myriad layers of superlative programmes across the world to pick out the best, most prolific ones. The It’s Our Baby Programme has been designed as a journey for two, involving you and your partner in equal measure.

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Element 4: Management of Baby Affairs

On Cloudnine, every baby comes with an instruction manual, courtesy our Management of Baby Affairs (MBA) programme. Our award-winning  MBA programme prepares you for your new role as a parent. Our extensive panel of medical specialists includes a paediatrician, lactation specialist, dietitian, physiotherapist and nurse consultant, each of whom will walk you through a range of topics that will help you care for your new arrival. We encourage you to earn your MBA during your eighth or ninth month of pregnancy.

The MBA programme, a half-day event, pivots around the following topics:

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Understanding your Newborn

  • Newborn’s body
  • Newborn’s mind and senses
  • Newborn’s growth and development

Newborn’s Medical Wellbeing

  • Screening tests
  • Vaccinations
  • Jaundice
  • Common paediatric problems

Caring for Your Newborn

  • Crying
  • Sleeping
  • Art of breastfeeding
  • Nappy change
  • Bathing
  • Baby massage
  • Umbilical cord care

Family Corner

  • New mom’s role: care and nutrition
  • Dad’s role
  • Sibling’s role
  • Grandparent’s role: scientifically addressing respected  age-old practices

The past ten years on Cloudnine have showcased that parents who attend our MBA Workshop are much more confident and prepared to care for their newborn. With the It’s Our Baby Programme, the MBA becomes part of a spectacular sequence of events and workshops that you ought to attend as you count down to D-day.

Go on, opt for the It’s Our Baby Programme and earn your MBA on Cloudnine!

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