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Is your kid eating a healthy lunch? 5 easy tips to make them eat!

Did you know that more than 1/3rd of a kid’s calorie intake for the day is supposed to be their lunch? The ideal calorie intake for a child who weighs between 15-20 kg should be between 1250 – 1500 calories. Is your child getting the ideal dose?

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When it comes to food, especially lunch box, kids are usually fussy. It becomes a tedious task for moms to maintain a balance between variety and healthy food to ensure that the child gets the needed calories via the day meal.

Here are five easy-to-fix tips to give a colour coded twist to the everyday kiddie lunchbox. Adding some colour to the right mix of carbohydrates, fat, proteins, vitamins and minerals can make the everyday lunch box enticing for the kids.

The trick is to get your kids to eat a nutritious meal without exchanging their ‘dabba’ with their friends.Implement the coloured lunchbox system, a different colour treat for all five days of the week!

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White Lunchbox

Buttered Rice with veggies and mashed Potatoes

Lunch Box 1.1

Veggies in the rice, cream in the potatoes.

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Lunch Box 1

Drink for the Day – Buttermilk

Yellow Lunchbox

Bread and Eggs: Eggs filled in with mushrooms and tomatoes and bread toasted with butter

Drink for the Day – Apple Juice

Lunch Box 2

Green Lunchbox

Club Sandwich: Different layers filled with cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, chutney, potatoes.

Drink for the day – Guava Juice

Lunch Box 3

Red Lunchbox

Baked Beans with toast + Grilled Tomatoes: Tomatoes grilled with butter and baked beans to provide the necessary nutrition for the day.

Drink for the Day – Watermelon Juice

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Lunch Box 4

Rainbow Lunchbox

Bread Pizza: Cheese, sauce, veggies like corn, spinach and mushroom with spices

Drink for the Day – Mixed Fruit Juice

Lunch Box 5

Caution – You may just have to prepare extra for the friends!

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