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How to Man-Up and Make a Difference in Your Child’s Fortunes at School as a Dad Should

December 3, 2020

Every child requires the participation of both parents in every aspect of care and development. Most Dads are guilty of holding back on their children under the false understanding that mothers ought to play the leading role while dads, for some strange reason, assume the backseat or supportive role. This fact was revealed in a 1999 survey conducted by

The Australian Institute of Family Studies also carried out research which showed that dads are, on average, spending less than 30 minutes with their children when it comes to spending time on a one-on-one basis. This shocking statistic includes weekends as well!

One of the areas that your child really needs your involvement as a father is with regards to education.

This involves things like:

  • Attending your child’s class events
  • Walking your child to school

  • Helping out with homework
  • Assisting your child in their extra-curricular activities
  • Paying your child’s class occasional visits

There are many positives of a strong involvement in your child’s life as a father and these include:

  • Lessening of psychological issues in girls
  • Reduction of behavioural difficulties in boys
  • Improvement of social/friendship skills
  • Diminished chances in engaging in criminal activities in later life
  • Less chances of smoking during teenage years
  • Improved intelligence, reasoning, curiosity, and development of language
  • Better marriages

There are a lot of other actions that you can engage in to have better participation in your child’s schooling activities, which include reading stories to your child including bedtime stories, asking them every day about their day at school, and any challenges and successes they are going through. You can also ask the teacher for tips as to how you can be of help to your child every time there are school events or parent-teacher meetings.

After all has been said and done, it always pays to keep an eye out for any signs of trouble, worry, injury, and even stress.

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