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Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms in Females

The hormones play an essential role in overall well-being. Sometimes you feel irritable for no reason, feel bloated or do not feel that you are at your best. These things could be because of the impact of hormones. These hormones are chemical messengers in the body that help in the normal functioning of the organs and cells. However, at various stages of a woman's life, like during pregnancy, menopause or menstruation, hormonal imbalance in women can happen. Hormonal disorders in females can cause health issues. The hormonal imbalance symptoms in females depend on which hormone is not doing its work. Read below to know about the symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women.

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Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms in Females

Hormonal imbalance in women can be blamed for many of the unwanted symptoms you may be having. Knowing these hormonal imbalance symptoms in females is the first step to preventing them from causing hormonal disorders in females. Here are a few symptoms of hormonal imbalance in females to watch out for:

Mood Swings

This is one of the most common symptoms of hormonal imbalance in females. The culprit here is estrogen, which affects serotonin, a chemical that uplifts mood and the neurotransmitters in the brain. Fluctuations in estrogen levels can lead to premenstrual syndrome, PMS or mood swings during perimenopause and menopause. When you feel that you are feeling low and it starts to interfere with your daily activities, take up exercise and other changes in lifestyle habits. Consult a doctor to identify if the hormonal imbalance in females is the root cause of the problem.

Painful or Heavy Periods

If you have periods with abdominal pain, lower back pain, frequent urination and constipation, it could be due to hormonal disorders in females. If you have these symptoms, it can be because of fibroids. Consulting a qualified professional who is an expert in hormonal imbalance in women to get relief from these symptoms.

Weight Gain

Many hormonal disorders in women cause weight gain. It can be underactive thyroid, polycystic ovary syndrome and menopause. The hormonal imbalance in women can lead to weight gain, especially around the tummy region. If you have an unexplained weight gain despite following a consistent exercise and diet plan, you should plan to visit a women's health clinic.

Skin Problems

This is another common hormonal imbalance symptom in females. Chronic acne in adults is a sign of low progesterone and estrogen, along with high levels of androgen. Hormonal disorders in women during pregnancy or menopause also lead to dry or itchy skin. If you have persistent skin problems, the underlying cause can be a hormonal imbalance.

Fertility Issues

Hormonal imbalance in women is the major cause of female infertility. Reduced levels of luteinizing hormone and increased levels of the follicle-stimulating hormone can cause fertility issues. Even hormonal disorders in female, like PCOS and early menopause, causes infertility in women. A blood test can help determine if a hormonal imbalance in females is the cause for the inability to conceive even after a year or if they are over 35 years of age.

Low Libido

It is a common hormonal disorder in women with low testosterone levels and estrogen levels. It is common in women who are in their perimenopause or menopause phase. If you are in that phase, talk to a health expert about medication for hormonal imbalances that can boost your libido and improve your energy levels and mood.

Poor Sleep or Insomnia

During menopause and even the perimenopause phase, the ovaries produce less progesterone and estrogen. These hormones promote sleep and a fall in the levels lead to poor-quality sleep. Low estrogen is the cause of night sweats and other hormonal disorders in females, which disrupts sleep and causes a lack of energy.


Headaches are common hormonal imbalance symptoms in females. They suffer from headaches during pregnancy, the menstrual cycle and menopause. Identify the triggers and follow a regular sleep pattern. The doctor may prescribe medications if these frequent attacks are due to hormonal imbalances.

Brittle Bones

Hormonal imbalance in women can lead to weak bones. Low estrogen levels during perimenopause and menopause result in loss of bone density. Women should make lifestyle and diet changes to boost bone health as they reach middle age.

Vaginal Dryness

It is another common symptom of hormonal imbalance in women. It is due to low estrogen levels, especially during the menopause stage. Follow proper hygiene and use chemical-free soaps to wash and take contraceptive pills to tackle the problem.

Does Female Masturbation Cause Hormone Imbalance

Masturbation is a way to induce sexual pleasure and although it is commonly known that men indulge in it, women, too, masturbate. A survey found that more than 50% of American women had self-pleasure at least once in 3 months. This is for both single and those who have partners. There are many myths attached to masturbation; among them is that it can cause hormonal imbalance in women and lead to infertility. Does masturbation cause hormonal imbalance in women? No. Female masturbation does not cause hormonal imbalance in women.

Masturbation and Hormones

Coming back to the question of does female masturbation cause hormone imbalance. It is clear that it does not. However, there can be many other reasons that might be causing a hormonal imbalance in women. The hormones are essential chemicals that act as messengers and help in the proper functioning of many processes in the body. It is essential in reproductive health, sexual health, metabolism and mood. When one of these hormones is produced too much or too little, it can lead to hormonal imbalance in women. So does masturbation affect your hormones? It does but not in a way, that it is a cause for worry. It releases hormones like oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, which have many physical and mental health benefits. So hormonal imbalance in females is caused, but it won't last long and gets back to normal in a short time.

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What is hormonal imbalance in females?

Hormonal imbalance is a term used when the hormones in the body are too high or too low compared to the normal levels in the blood.

Why hormonal imbalance occurs in females?

Hormonal imbalance in females can be caused due to natural processes that happen in the body, like puberty, menstruation, menopause and pregnancy. It can also be caused due to lifestyle, environmental conditions, medical conditions and endocrine malfunctioning.

How to cure hormonal imbalance in females?

Depending on the cause of the hormonal disorder, a cure for it needs to be determined. In general, following a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, stress management, getting quality sleep, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumption and managing health conditions are some of the ways to cure it.

How to naturally control hormonal imbalance in females?

The natural ways to control hormonal imbalance are taking enough protein in every meal, taking care of gut health, limiting sugar intake, reducing stress and increasing sleep quality.

What causes hormonal imbalance in females?

The causes of hormonal imbalance in females can be menstruation, puberty, menopause, pregnancy, lifestyle habits, medical conditions and environmental factors.

Does masturbation cause hormonal imbalance?

No. Masturbation does not cause hormonal imbalance. Women can get many physical and mental health benefits from masturbation when done in moderation.

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