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HMB (Heavy Menstrual Bleeding)

March 9, 2023
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Uterus has a lining inside known as the endometrium. In case a hormone imbalance occurs, the endometrium develops in excess and eventually sheds. A number of conditions can cause hormonal problems like PCOD, thyroid problems, insulin resistance, obesity, etc. The good news is that most of these causes are treatable. Meeting your gynaecologist is the only way to know the reason for heavy menstrual bleeding.

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What is Heavy Flow?

- Bleeding more than 7 days

- 1-2 pads or tampons every hour

- Need to change your pad or tampons during the night

- Need to double up the protection used

- Clots

What Causes this HMB?

- Lifestyle changes: Even stress can cause abnormal periods. It’s very common to see a change in menstrual pattern, change in night shift of job, household stress, post-delivery or childbirth and transition to menopause (peri-menopause).

- Medication: If you are on blood thinner medication for any reason it can cause a heavy menstrual bleed. Change in your contraceptive pills can change your menstrual cycle. Using a copper-T or hormonal IUD can cause heavier periods for 3-6 months after insertion. Talk to your doctor for assurance.

- Hormonal Imbalance: Some women experience a high level of estrogen and low progesterone which causes the uterine lining to thicken. Women might experience heavy blood flow and larger clots.

- Fibroids: Non- can cerous growth inside the uterus can range from a grain of sand to a large mass and can affect the size of your uterus. Your gynaec might recommend removing them to treat your heavy periods.

- Endometriosis: It’s a painful condition that causes abnormal growth of the uterus lining outside the uterus. It may cause short period cycles and heavy painful periods.

- Endometrial polyp: Excess hormones will cause abnormal growth of the uterus lining.

How Can You Stop HMB?

- NSAID/painkillers help reduce the amount off low during the menstrual cycle

- oral contraceptives pills

- Intrauterine devices (LNG -IUS) progesterone releasing devices over the years to help reduce the size of the fibroid and also irregular hormonal imbalance to give moderate menstrual flow

If left untreated HMB can cause:

- Anaemia

- Fatigue

- Light headedness

-Shortness of breath

- Poor quality of life


- Medical/menstrual history taken in detail by the doctor

- Blood test: Check for hormones by a blood test, amount of haemoglobin to rule out anaemia, a blood test to check for bleeding/clotting factors

- Pap smear

- Endometrial biopsy: Samples from the uterine lining will help see abnormal cells and also rule out cancerous tissue

- Ultrasound: Sound waves will check the dysfunction al growth of the uterus and blood flow being provided in the area to diagnose and then take a call about its correction.

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