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Hey Mama: A Style File on Maternity Fashion

There’s no better time than pregnancy to moon your mojo in the wardrobe department. Whether you’re big all over, carrying high or carrying low, there are enough comfortable style options out there to flatter your fit. Embracing your pregnancy silhouette is the first step to creating your own distinct maternity style. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

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The Big All Over Bump

Sometimes, babies like to throw their weight around, quite literally. Most often, pregnancy weight doesn’t just stack onto the belly; it gets spread all over the body. So, if you find yourself wincing over swollen feet or a heavy face, know that this is normal. It doesn’t matter whether you’re big-built, tall or just feels heavier than usual; there are numerous maternity wear options you can choose from. Opt for soft, breathable fabrics, especially if you live in a humid city like Mumbai or Delhi. As for patterns, take the vertical stripes route. Lines are a fantastic way to highlight your blossoming belly and elongate your figure.

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Option 1. Midi Dress

A midi dress is a perfect option for a meal with the girls or even a Friday dress-down outfit. Consider an airy fabric that accentuates your baby bump while offering you room to breathe. With winter approaching, cover up with a long cardigan that matches your dress in length and spirit. Layering two long outfits can give you a leaner, longer look.

Complete your look with:

  • Peeptoe sandals
  • Silver stud earrings
  • An elegant watch

Option 2. Ankle-Length Kurta

If your pregnancy pounds are distributed evenly across your body, an ankle-length, flowy kurta can offer you a sleek, sophisticated cut. Soft contours and colours are ideal for the workplace and at home, especially when paired with leggings that hug your expanding waistline. Pair pastel kurtas with dark leggings; the latter will flatter your legs and lengthen your frame.

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Complete your look with:

  • Open, flat sandals
  • Drop earrings
  • A pretty bracelet

The Low Bump

A low bump can serve as a sweet accessory that sits just above your waist. Elevate your comfort quotient by picking pregnancy clothes that fit snugly. Avoid heavy elastics and stubborn button-ups. Instead, choose clothing that is easy on your belly, slipping over it easily.

Option 1. Harem & Aladdin Pants

Harem and Aladdin pants are the face of stylish comfort clothing, thanks to their light elastic waistbands. Nowadays, both variants come in an array of colours and designs and are easy off-the-rack options. In fact, if you live in a city like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore where street markets bustle, you’ll find a gazillion options on racks lining the road. Harems and Aladdins can last you well beyond your pregnancy too, making for versatile, lasting additions to your wardrobe.  

Complete your look with:

  • Gold-toned sandals
  • A soft-cloth gipsy headband
  • A cosy T-shirt

Option 2. Short Kurti

A short Kurti can effectively envelop your low-lying belly while giving you room to move around. Make sure that whichever style you pick, you have ample room for your mid-section. Also, dark colours can help flatter your frame when wearing a short Kurti. Pick shades like midnight blue, jet black and bottle green.

Complete your look with:

  • Short, colour-blocking wedges
  • Hoop earrings
  • Dainty, metallic bangles

The High Bump

The high bump is the easiest bump to dress in the maternity fashion rulebook. So, if your belly rises upwards, you’re in for some luck. A high bump is a wonderful canvas to bring out your belly as a focal centrepiece. Make your belly pop with high-waist belts and belly chains.

Also, pick pieces that separate the belly from the bust through colour-blocking. You don’t need to spend exorbitantly to augment your maternity wardrobe. Play around with clothes that you already own and ask a tailor to enhance pieces wherever necessary. The only adjustments you’ll possibly need is expanding the mid-section of some of your tops and dresses.

Option 1. High-Waisted Bottoms

Whether you’re a jeans kind’ a girl or one who rocks every skirt that comes her way, high-waisted bottoms are your key to chic maternity fashion. Be sure to pick stretchable materials that fit all the way around and choose colours that complement the season. Winters call for soft pinks, cosy greys and powder blues, whereas summers sing to a spectrum of colour pops. Couple your bottoms with snug T-shirts or tank tops and you’re good to go.

Complete your look with:

  • Classic espadrilles
  • A light cardigan
  • A choker neckpiece

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Option 2. Maxi Dress

A breezy maxi dress ranks high on both style and comfort and can serve you well, regardless of the season. You can wear a maxi dress in various ways. Tie it over your bump with a belt, wear it with a shrug or slip it on just the way it is.

Complete your look with:

  • Slingback sandals
  • Tassel earrings
  • A sling bag

Pregnancy dressing can be a fun and fabulous way of enhancing your spirit and your style on the lead up to motherhood. Elevate your bump by picking outfits that are right for you and create your own maternity style file!

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