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Here’s A List Of Important Check-Ups For You, Women

Women are the backbone of a family. Multitasking comes easy to them - whether it’s managing the presentation due for a big business deal, or whipping up some goodies in the kitchen; whether it comes to parenting or caregiving - women are the fulcrum of a household.

It’s like women have different compartments when it comes to their to-do list, yet, somehow they are able to balance all of them and achieve a harmony that’s difficult to imagine. However, one thing that they often put on the back burner is their own self. Be it finishing off the half-eaten breakfast left by the youngest in the house, or being up without sleep to nurse the baby at regular intervals, be it making lunch that ticks everyone’s boxes individually and not having enough for herself, to putting her own needs at the end of her list, women sometimes take their health and bodies for granted.

It’s a problem because women’s health is complicated and requires timely medical investigations to ensure that everything is working fine. Therefore, from a women’s health perspective, it’s extremely important that they schedule regular visits to their gynecologist to ensure that the pillar of the family is in the best shape possible, healthwise.

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Here Are Some Of The Most Common Check-Ups That You Should Schedule With Your Healthcare Providers

Pelvic Examinations

This physical examination is a routine check-up, wherein the doctor will perform a test to check if your reproductive organs are in good health. The doctor will usually use his or her fingers to examine your vulva, vagina, and cervical opening to check for abnormalities. This test will be compulsory if you have problems like excessive bleeding, pain or you are facing issues during sexual intercourse.

Pap Smear

Pap tests are often known as pap smears and these are performed to detect cancerous or precancerous cells in your cervix. This test is a physical one and your doctor will take a sample of your cervical fluid to check if everything is ok. Doctors worldwide recommend this test to women from the age of 21.


For women who do not have a history of breast cancer in their family, mammograms are generally recommended from the age of 40 to detect any cancer. In case there is a history of breast cancer in the family, then doctors guide women to take this test from the age of 35. Mammogram helps detect breast cancer even before the formation of lumps. And it is said to be the best way of prevention.


This is a screening done to check the health of your internal reproductive organs like your uterus and ovaries. These are performed in two ways: abdominal, wherein the lab technician will apply a gel on your abdomen and perform the scan or through TVS or Trans Vaginal Scan to check for fibroids, cysts, and other issues.

Thyroid Function Test

The thyroid gland is one of the most important glands in your body and helps regulate the levels of thyroid hormone (T3 and T4). The thyroid function test helps diagnose both hypothyroid (when thyroid hormone levels are low) and hyperthyroid (when the levels are high). Having low levels can cause fatigue and slowness while having higher levels can cause stress, anxiety, increase in body weight, and other hormonal imbalance problems.  

Other blood tests to check regular factors like hemoglobin, rubella, prolactin, and other hormones are important to ensure that your reproductive system is working fine. Apart from that, your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and diabetes check-up are equally important. Don't forget to go for a complete blood check or CBC to ensure that you don't have anemia. The creatinine serum rest is yet another important blood test.

Mental Health

While there are no concrete tests to ascertain how good your emotional and mental health is, it is recommended that you speak to a therapist or your doctor if you are not feeling very well or you seem to be anxious. Mental wellness is critical to your overall health and issues like depression, anxiety, stress, etc play an important role in disrupting your hormonal balance as well as contribute towards fluctuating BP levels as well act as detrimental to your heart health. Therefore, in the list of all health-related check-ups that we have compiled for you, being cognizant of your emotional and mental health does feature as a big one.

At the Birthplace, we focus on your overall wellness. We understand that there might be things that you would not feel comfortable discussing with friends or family, hence we encourage you to trust us and help us take a step closer to a healthy and happy life.

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