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Top 5 Myths And Facts About Fatherhood

December 3, 2020

Those two magical words "I'm pregnant," by your partner would have put you on cloud nine. As an expectant father, you must probably have some conventions about fatherhood. Most of those assumptions must be based on your experiences with your father and what you saw in the society. There are also myths on fatherhood that you must have come across and wonder whether there’s any truth in them or not. The more you understand your unspoken expectations of becoming a father, the better are the chances that you will be able to become the parent that you want to be.

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Here are 5 facts and myths

1.Myth #1: Men Don't Prefer Having Children As Much As Women Do

It is indeed true that in the early years – teenage – girls are more likely to want children than boys. However, as they age men catch up and have a desire to have children. Thus, men do have the same desire as women to have babies. However, their early less inclination on the idea can be attributed to the fact that they might be worried about the financial burden it will bring along because fathers are presumed to have a bigger responsibility of taking care of the home, financially.

2.Myth #2: Moms Are a Better Parent

Moms are always believed to make better parents. However, the paradigm is shifting, and this opinion is increasingly looking out of date. For the first time parents, a baby is an entirely new responsibility and assuming one being good at it while other isn’t, is not the right opinion. Both the sexes are equally capable and learn to parent in their style. New moms have some advantage, which is why they are a little fast-tracked into parenting as they spend many hours with the kids during early years.

3.Myth #3: Dads Play Too Roughly with Kids

Yes, dads do have their way of playing with the kids, but this rough and tumble play is essential for a child’s development. According to a 2012 study by Fathers and Families Research Program at the University of Newcastle in Australia highlights that the horseplay between fathers and children helps in building the child’s concentration, self-confidence, and shape their brain.

4.Myth #4: Dads Are More Careless and Insensitive To Babies

As per a study by the University of British Columbia, fathers who take risks with their children do so because they assume it is their responsibility to help their children learn and understand life’s hard knocks at every level. Thus, the tumble or getting hurt of children while playing does not seem to bother fathers as much as it bothers other family members, and they presume that dads are more careless and insensitive towards their children.

Moreover, many fathers consider it is their responsibility to teach the baby the art of engaging in adventures like climbing, running, and jumping. So, children getting hurt while participating in these activities does not account for their carelessness.

5.Myth #5: Dads Presence Doesn't Make Much Difference

It is one of the biggest myths associated with fathers. Father is as much important and integral to the child’s emotional and mental development as a mother. The University of Connecticut carried out a review of 36 worldwide studies and reports in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Review that fatherly love is a primary factor in child development. Moreover, it states that children who do not receive father’s love are more likely to be anxious and insecure as the kid, and become aggressive as they age.

Every father crafts his own idea on how he will take care of his baby and meet the needs of the family this is why these facts are myths because these do not hold their ground.

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