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Facial Hair During Pregnancy - Changes in Hair Growth During Pregnancy

May 17, 2023

Pregnancy stimulates many hormones that cause many changes in the expecting mother. While pregnant women flaunt great skin and hair, did you know facial hair growth can also increase due to these hormonal changes? This is one of the not so desirables consequences of hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Changes in Hair Growth During Pregnancy

When pregnant, many women notice their hair changes considerably. For some the texture is different, for some the hair grows faster and thicker and some experience hair fall. All these changes in the hair are due to the surging and changing hormonal balance.

Some women don’t experience even the usual hair loss during pregnancy. This is because the body produces a lot of estrogens to support the baby’s growth and this in turn extends the growth phase of the hair.

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Facial Hair During Pregnancy

Many women notice an increase or a sudden growth in facial hair. If you are already prone to facial hair, hormonal changes can stimulate facial hair growth. You may notice a sudden increase in hair growth on your upper lip, chin or even around the chest. These are common areas for men to grow hair. To see hair growing in these areas can be quite unsettling for a woman.

It can increase during pregnancy if you are prone to or already have some facial hair growth. However, this is not permanent and the hair growth will slowly reduce and get back to the pre-pregnancy growth rate, after the delivery.

Does Pregnancy Increase Hair Growth?

Pregnancy increases hormonal secretion in the body. Pregnant women produce more androgen and estrogen when pregnant.

  • Androgen – This male hormone is usually produced in small quantities in a woman’s body. Pregnancy can increase production, thus leading to excess facial and   body hair which is common in men.
  • Estrogen – When pregnant, the body will produce more estrogen to sustain the pregnancy. Estrogen also helps in regulating the functions of the placenta.   Estrogen will also extend the hair’s growth phase, thus resulting in thicker and stronger hair.

So, the combination of both hormones will stimulate hair growth in certain areas and sustain the growth until the end of pregnancy. As a result, some women experience an increase in facial hair growth.

How to Remove Facial Hair During Pregnancy?

Having a lot of facial hair growth during pregnancy can be very stressful for many women. When they expect to feel more womanly, look beautiful and flaunt glowing skin during pregnancy, having too much facial hair instead can be very disappointing.

While you cannot alter the hormonal changes in your body due to pregnancy, you can do the following to keep it under control:

  • Waxing – Contrary to popular belief, waxing during pregnancy is completely safe. Yes, waxing can be a little painful and cause a burning sensation for a few   minutes but it will not affect the foetus in any way. If you are comfortable waxing your body or facial hair, you can continue to do so even during pregnancy.
  • weezing / Threading – Tweezing and threading are other common facial hair removal methods. You can continue doing them throughout your pregnancy. If you   are experiencing a lot of facial hair growth, you may have to visit the Parlour more often for your threading/tweezing.
  • Shaving – Using a razor to shave the excess body hair is also a common practice that is safe during pregnancy. Your skin may be more sensitive or soft during pregnancy, so be careful when you shave, to avoid cuts and nicks.

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What Not to Do for Facial Hair During Pregnancy

You may want to do almost anything to get rid of all that unwanted excessive facial hair during pregnancy. The following methods are not safe during pregnancy:

  • Bleach – Bleaching your hair may be pain-free but it involves a lot of chemicals. During pregnancy, your skin is very sensitive and can react to harsh chemicals   unlike before. If your skin gets irritated due to these chemicals, medications and treatments to control the same may not be feasible. So, it is best to avoid such   chemicals when pregnant.
  • Laser – Laser is also a pain-free treatment, but not recommended during pregnancy. Such procedures can increase the risk of miscarriage, especially in the first   trimester

Will Facial Hair Go Away After Pregnancy?

For many women when the pregnancy hormones settle down after the baby’s birth, the facial hair will also start reducing. It may take more time for some women, than others but the hair growth rate will diminish over time.

Remember, while it may seem like it is taking a long time, your hormones will eventually settle down and the rate of facial hair growth will go back to what it was before pregnancy. Your hormones will start settling down only after the delivery. Lactation can cause your estrogen levels to decrease, which may even lead to postpartum hair loss.

If facial hair growth does not decrease or if you notice an increase in growth after delivery, you need to consult your doctor and check the hormonal changes in your body.


  1. Is chin hair normal in pregnancy?
  • Yes, hair growth on the chin, upper lip or even on the cheeks is very common during pregnancy. The increase in estrogen levels can stimulate hair growth.


                                                                                                                                                               Published by Doctor : Saba Mhate, Vashi Mumbai

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