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Everything You Wanted to Know About Round Ligament Pain

Pregnant women suffer various cramps and pains during pregnancy. They experience a sharp pain in their lower belly called round ligament pain. It is usually due to the extra pressure on the lower abdomen due to the growing baby in the womb. You can expect this pain in the second trimester of your pregnancy. If the pain and other symptoms worsen, immediate medical intervention is necessary. Understanding the causes, signs, and remedies for round ligament pain during pregnancy is essential. This would help you better manage the pain and avoid certain pregnancy complications.

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What is Round Ligament Pain?

Understanding what round ligament pain is is essential before diving into its details. It is a jabbing pain that pregnant women experience in the groin area or the lower belly. It is also called growing pain. The increased pressure on the developing baby's lower abdomen inside the womb causes pain. You may have concerns about when round ligament pain starts. The pain usually begins after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Usually, round ligament pain is normal and eases after delivery. Proper medical intervention can help manage the round ligament pain if the pain is severe.


The primary cause of the pain is pregnancy. The round ligaments are responsible for holding the uterus. These ligaments stretch during pregnancy. This creates tension on the round ligament, resulting in pain or discomfort. Round ligament in pregnancy is mainly due to the growing baby, which puts pressure on the round ligament. Sudden movements can trigger round ligament pain.

There are chances for women to experience this pain even when they are not pregnant, usually when women have endometriosis.

Signs and Symptoms

Some may feel discomfort in their lower abdomen during pregnancy. This is the initial sign of round ligament pain. You may wonder what round ligament pain feels like. It is a sharp stabbing pain that feels like a muscle spasm in the lower belly area of the pelvic region. Some may experience cramps in the lower abdomen. Certain normal activities can trigger this pain. Sudden movements like sneezing, coughing, rolling on the bed, getting up, etc., can trigger the pain. You may experience the pain only for a few seconds. Usually, the round ligament pain occurs on one side of the body.


Talk to the doctor about your symptoms to diagnose this pain. Your doctor examines your body and determines if the pain is due to stress or round ligament pain. There are no specific tests to diagnose this pain. The doctor would be able to diagnose the issue based on your symptoms.

Treating Round Ligament Pain

  • The simplest treatment for round ligament pain during pregnancy is getting enough rest.
  • If you experience severe pain, consult your doctor for proper treatment. Your doctor may prescribe certain pain relief medicines to ease the discomfort or pain caused by ligament pain during pregnancy. Acetaminophen is usually prescribed for this type of pain.
  • Stretching exercises can help manage the round ligament pain. This helps to eliminate the strain on the ligament in your pelvic area. Make sure these exercises are safe to practise during pregnancy.
  • Taking a warm bath or placing a heat pad can help ease the round ligament pain.
  • Wearing a support belt can help avoid worsening of round ligament pain.
  • Practicing prenatal yoga can reduce the strain on the round ligaments.
  • It is essential to be cautious when you change positions during pregnancy. Slow down the movements when you sit or stand. This can ease the pain.


There are ways to control this pain and prevent it from worsening; prevention is not an option. Reduce sudden movements that trigger the pain. Certain things can help avoid this pain to a certain extent.

  • Do not stand for long hours during pregnancy.
  • Never lift heavy objects. This puts stress on the uterus and round ligaments.
  • Ensure you support your bump when you sneeze, cough, or laugh.
  • Avoid changing position quickly.

Risks and Complications

Usually, round ligament pain is not a serious problem or disease during pregnancy. There is no risk of complications when you suffer from round ligament pain. It's vital to avoid misinterpreting abdominal pain or cramps, as they can be caused by various reasons other than round ligament pain. Medical attention is required when you experience bleeding, contractions, fever, chills, and abdominal pain. Rule out other causes of abdominal pain, like preterm labour.

Round Ligament Pain is a common discomfort experienced during pregnancy. Understanding its causes, symptoms, and self-care measures can help expectant mothers navigate this temporary yet significant aspect of their journey to motherhood.


1. How does the pain in the round ligament feel?

Some experience discomfort in the lower abdomen. Round ligament pain feels like a sudden spasmodic pain in the lower abdomen. It also feels like a stabbing pain in the lower pelvic area. Some may feel cramps or aches in the belly area.

2. What is the duration of round ligament pain?

The round ligament pain usually lasts only for a few seconds. You may experience it more frequently during the second trimester of your pregnancy

3. How do you treat round ligament pain?

It is essential to treat round ligament pain when you experience severe pain. This avoids risks and complications during pregnancy.

4. Does round ligament pain go away on its own?

Yes, the round ligament pain usually goes away on its own. Round ligament pain is completely normal during pregnancy. It is due to pressure on your belly caused by the growing baby. After delivery, the pain subsides on its own. The round ligament pain eases as hormone levels drop and the uterus returns to pre-pregnancy size.

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