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Essential Tips for Working While Pregnant

July 4, 2024

“So what if you are pregnant? You can continue working. You don't have to sit at home all day!” Well, it may be true, but is it easy?

Pregnancy can be very demanding on the body. The expecting mother needs to pay extra attention to her health and follow your doctor's orders for a healthy and smooth pregnancy. How can women working while pregnant do it all? How can they continue working while pregnant without compromising the baby's health? Here are some essential do's and don'ts they can follow.

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What to Do

If working while pregnant, the first trimester may not be very challenging apart from the morning sickness. It can get tricky as the pregnancy progresses and the body changes continuously. Here is a list of do's to help women working while pregnant:

1. Set alarms for meals, snacks, and medications to avoid missing them amidst the hectic work schedule.

2. Keep a water bottle on your desk and sip on it to avoid dehydration. Keep a personal bottle and avoid sharing bottles with co-workers.

3. Stock up on healthy snacks at your desk right before a meeting or during a call when hunger pangs suddenly hit.

4. Let co-workers know whom to contact in case of an emergency.

5. Opt for nutritional foods if eating from the office cafeteria or ordering outside.

6. To avoid backaches, ensure the chair has good lower back support. If necessary, use a pillow or a cushion.

7. Reorganise regular-use items to avoid bending too much multiple times a day.

8. Take frequent breaks and walk a little to stretch the legs and back. Doing some breathing exercises at the desk can also help reduce mental stress and relax the muscles.

9. Enquire and gather all details about maternity leaves, possibilities of extending the leaves, payment terms, etc.

10. Invest in comfortable shoes or footwear. Store them at work and use them only in the office if you are not keen on wearing them outside.

11. Keep a shawl or jacket in hand if working in air-conditioned spaces. Feeling too hot or too cold is common during pregnancy. Using multiple layers of clothing can help handle such situations.

12. Try to reduce commuting by fixing online meetings and discussing things over the phone.

13. If co-workers are falling sick one after the other, it's best to stay away from the office environment to avoid infections. Pregnant women can't undergo many treatments or take medications, and being safe is the best course of action.

14. Avoid office parties that involve smoking and very loud music. Exposure to both is not advisable during pregnancy.

What Not to Do

Here is a list of Don'ts for women working while pregnant:

1. Don't cut back on water consumption to avoid frequent toilet visits.

2. Don't eat outside food every day.

3. Don't stand or sit in the same position for too long, even if it is a long meeting.

4. Don't increase workload driven by the fear of the impending long maternity break and the loss of opportunities.

5. Don't brush aside discomforts or warning signs that indicate a need for a break or medical attention.

6. Don't work in harmful environments or areas where you may be exposed to chemicals or other harmful substances.

7. Avoid working in extreme temperatures.

8. Don't carry too much weight, and climb stairs regularly.

9. Don't miss prenatal visits or vaccinations due to professional commitments.

10. Feel free to ask for help from fellow team members if the situation is very stressful or emotionally overwhelming. Pregnancy can change one's physical and mental capacity to undertake responsibilities

Self-Care Tips at Home

When a woman works during pregnancy, the self-care should not stop with the office space. Here are a few tips to follow at home:

1. If no one helps with the cooking, try meal prepping once every three days. Cutting vegetables and storing them can help whip up quick meals after or before a long day at work. Some dishes can be cooked and frozen for a few days.

2. Stock up on fresh fruits. They are nutritious and easy to access after returning home or for a quick snack.

3. Take time to organise things around the house to make it easier as pregnancy progresses.

4. Wherever possible, seek help from family members or friends. Reduce stress and workload back home and get sufficient rest.

5. Do regular pregnancy-safe exercises after getting a doctor's approval. Sitting at a desk or standing for long hours during the day at work can lead to body aches and stiffness. Pregnancy hormones can loosen the muscle joints and make them worse.


Not everyone can stay home and take care of themselves during pregnancy. Though very challenging, with a little pre-planning and some useful tips, women can strike a beautiful balance and continue working while pregnant.


1. When is the best time to stop working during pregnancy?

It is advisable to stop working at least a week or two before the due date for delivery. The delivery date is calculated as 40 weeks post-conception, but it can also happen a week earlier. It is advisable to rest or take it easy before the delivery.

2. How many hours is it safe to work during pregnancy?

Women working while pregnant should not over-exert themselves. They can continue to work their usual hours if it is not physically and mentally exhausting. They should listen to their bodies and preferably reduce the working hours as they near their delivery date.

3. Does working hard during pregnancy affect the baby?

As long as the work is not physically demanding, such as requiring the expecting mother to travel or walk too much, stand for long hours, or perform physical activities, it may not affect the baby. One should listen to their body if they are working while pregnant and cut back on work if the body is unable to cope.

4. How can I work comfortably while pregnant?

Ensure you wear comfortable clothing and shoes and eat on time. Take frequent breaks to stretch your legs and back. Listen to your body and reduce your workload if it cannot cope. Opt for working from home if feasible.

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