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Cervical Biopsy: Treatment for abnormal cells

December 3, 2020

On performing a biopsy, the body tissue can be found to be either normal or abnormal. In case there are no abnormal cells in the cervix, the result comes out as normal. However, an abnormal cervical biopsy means that there have been some changes in cells in the cervix. Abnormal squamous cells, for instance, are mostly detected through a Pap smear test. This also means that those cells have become potentially cancerous.

Treatment for abnormal cells

  • Women with abnormal cell can go through the treatments mentioned below:
  • In the process following a Pap Smear Test, a small sample of cells from the cervix is removed.
  • The tissue is then examined to find if the cells are normal or abnormal.
  • This is an intense examination conducted by the doctor.
  • Endocervical curettage is a type of biopsy which uses a unique tool called a curette, to remove cells from the endocervical canal.
  • An endocervical curettage could also be performed during a colposcopy.
  • A colposcopy uses an instrument called the colposcope.
  • A colposcope is a lighted magnifying instrument used in order to examine the female reproductive organs. During a colposcopy, the doctor might also remove cells or tissue so they can be examined under a microscope
  • This process is known as a biopsy.
  • In the process of biopsy tissues or cells from the body are removed so that the cells are examined through a microscope in order to check for cancer cells.
  • A biopsy could be performed during a colposcopy.
  • This tool can be used to collect cells so that they can be examined under a microscope to check for cancer.
  • The cone biopsy removes a cone-like piece of tissue from the cervix, which can be done using a surgical scalpel or a loop electrosurgical excision procedure or laser surgery.
  • The removed tissue is sent to a lab to be examined under a microscope.
  • Laser surgery uses a laser is a high-intensity beam of light, to remove tissue. Find out more about laser surgery.
  • Loop electrosurgical excision procedure is a kind of cone biopsy.
  • Here a thin wire is heated by an electrical current to remove tissue from the cervix.

Women diagnosed with abnormal cells

A woman diagnosed with abnormal cervical cells need to start their treatment as soon as possible. Abnormal cells are mostly cancerous and need to be treated from the beginning to avoid loss of time, energy and life. The concerned doctors will know which treatment from the treatment list, as mentioned earlier, is suitable for his or her patient and work accordingly with their patients to achieve complete success.