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Delivery Style Files: The Difference Between a C-Section and a Normal Delivery

September 29, 2017 in About Pregnancy, Birthing Experience
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Delivery Style Files

Babies are curious little creatures, reserving the best of their creativity for the womb. Their creative streaks are often bold and varied; some babies demonstrate theirs by taking a dump in utero, while others favour wrapping their umbilical cords around their little bodies in an attempt to amuse themselves. And while these situations may seem comical, they’re really quite the opposite, usually calling for an emergency caesarean section even when a normal birth could have otherwise been on the cards. Mind you, not all C-sections are emergency procedures. Some are planned, especially when a mommy-to-be has reservations about natural childbirth, or when a doctor specifically finds a need to perform a C-section.

If you’re divided between a natural childbirth and a C-section and don’t quite know the difference, this article breaks it down for you.

The Difference Between a Vaginal Delivery and a C-Section Delivery

There are several differences between a normal delivery and a C-section delivery. Right off the bat, the most obvious one is the route by which a baby is born. While a normal procedure involves a vaginal delivery, a C-section procedure entails a surgical slit in the mother’s abdomen, from which a baby is manually extracted. Because a C-section delivery involves sutures to stitch up the incision, recovery from a C-section procedure usually takes longer.

Understanding Vaginal Deliveries

A vaginal delivery is hard work, but it’s as rewarding as it is tiring. Because it requires zero surgical intervention, it requires you to spend fewer days at the hospital than if you’d had a C-section delivery. On Cloudnine, we encourage new mommies to return home within just two days after their baby’s arrival, provided there are no complications. By virtue of being non-invasive, vaginal deliveries also present fewer risks such as internal bleeding, infections and scarring. Natural births are equally beneficial for a baby. A natural childbirth helps in flushing out fluid trapped inside a newborn’s lungs, boosting respiration at birth. Plus, babies born via natural childbirth come into contact with good bacteria as they travel through the birth canal; in turn, their immune systems become fortified.

Understanding C-Section Deliveries

A C-section delivery is always plan B on Cloudnine. Our doctors may recommend a C-section for one or more of the following reasons.

Prior Medical Condition

If you have a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV, herpes or some other condition that could hinder a natural delivery, your doctor may point you to a C-section procedure.

Pregnancy Circumstances

A C-section could be recommended by your doctor if you’re carrying multiples or if your baby’s placenta has posed concerns. Alternatively, if your doctor feels that your baby’s size is disproportionate to the circumference of your pelvis or if your baby’s head isn’t pointed downward at the time of delivery, a C-section may be opted for.

Emergency Delivery

In some cases, waiting for a natural delivery could pose dangers to both mommy and baby. Too long a labour, for instance, could cause inadequate oxygen inside the womb, warranting an emergency C-section procedure. Other scenarios may include umbilical cord entanglements and meconium aspiration.

Planned Delivery

If you plan to frame your pregnancy perfectly within your maternity leave window, you may want to discuss an elective C-section with your doctor. By doing so, you can pick a date for your delivery and ensure that your leave is timed perfectly with the arrival of your baby. A planned C-section may also be advocated by your doctor if you have previously experienced complications with a natural delivery. Keep in mind though, that a planned C-section can be scheduled only after the 39-week mark.

Thanks to superior medical technology, there’s very little difference between a C-section and a vaginal delivery, as far as implications on your baby are concerned. Pick a method that suits you, and you’ll be just fine. Ultimately though, it all boils down to that creative streak; your baby’s, that is.

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If you found this article interesting and would like to know more, talk to a Cloudnine expert today!

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