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C-Sections Decoded – What You Need to Know About Caesareans

You’re that person, aren’t you? You know, the one that heads straight for the organic aisle, sifting through vegetables for the slightest whiff of pesticide. You’re not alone, you know. In fact, you’re part of an emerging global tribe, crusading for all things natural. It’s the age of organic fruit, revived yogic techniques, and natural births. If there were an election, natural would trump all. And for good reason too!

While you can control most of the influences in the organic ecosystem around you, there are some things that you can’t. The birth of your child is one of them. The majority of Indian women still favour natural deliveries. All-natural, all the way. Sometimes, however, nature can get in the way of nature, and C-sections become inevitable.

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Here Are Some Situations When A Caesarean Operation Becomes Necessary

  • A big baby:

If you’ve got a big baby in your belly, you might want to consider a Caesarean birth. Though an absolute weight of above 4.5 kilograms is a sure sign that a Caesarean section may need to be considered, sometimes it’s not the actual weight that counts. Instead, the relative size of the baby compared to the size of the mother’s pelvis is examined. In India today, we see a lot of smaller mothers having bigger babies and this increases the chances of a Caesarean section.

  • Decreased blood supply:

The placenta sometimes cordons off blood supply to the foetus before birth. This could prove fatal to your baby, and a C-section may be the only solution.

  • Your foetus’s position:

Usually, a baby is positioned in a head-down position, and emerges head first during a natural delivery. If your baby is in any other position, a Caesarean may be required.

  • A maternal disease:

If you have a history of a specific disease that could be aggravated by childbirth, your doctor may recommend a C-section.

  • A health problem with your baby:

If your baby has been detected with health Problems in utero, a C-section birth could provide the best hope of survival. Spina bifida is an example of a condition that could prompt a planned C-section. In this birth defect, the bones of the spine do not form sufficiently around the spinal cord, exposing spinal bones and nerves. Babies born with this condition need to be operated on immediately after birth. Like spina bifida, there are several conditions that need immediate attention after birth, and C-sections are necessary to reach the baby as quickly as possible.

  • A placenta blocking the cervix:

Placenta previa is a condition in which the placenta sits low in the uterus, blocking the cervix. This could prove dangerous for both you and your baby, and if left untended, can lead to severe blood loss, premature birth or a birth defect.

  • Multiple births:

If you’re expecting twins or triplets, a C-section may be on the cards for you. Twins that share an amniotic sac have an increased risk of getting their cords entangled, and extricating them via Caesarean may be the most advisable route.

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There are several other cases in which you may be advised a C-section. Speak to your obstetrician to know your options during delivery. Caesareans don’t take anything away from your pregnancy. Still, many women feel that a natural delivery is like ending their pregnancy on a high, like a song that ends on a crescendo, or a meal whose end is signalled by the arrival of a dazzling dessert. But that isn’t true at all. A C-section is an alternate route that you may need to take. The destination will be just as worthwhile.

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Technique of Delivery: Caesarean Section

Symptoms: None

Cause: Foetal position, decreased blood supply, big baby, maternal disease, health condition, placenta blocking the cervix, multiple births

Remedy: Caesarean Section

Preventive Measures: Certain situations warrant a Caesarean section, for a healthy and safe delivery. Meet our Doctors to know more

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