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No-Fail Breastfeeding Postures

A woman's body is very aptly created to look after the needs of her newborn, her body synthesizes food for her baby, that comes to her naturally. However, proper positioning of the infant is essential as the baby needs to be held the right way. This has to be done, keeping in mind that soreness and other breastfeeding problems need to be prevented.

The right position for the baby

  • The baby needs to be placed on one side, toward breasts
  • The baby's entire body should be facing its mother's chest
  • The infant's ear, shoulder as well as hip should be in a straight line while facing the mother
  • The newborn's head should not be turned to the side, and it should be placed straight in line with the body
  • A pillow can be utilized to elevate the baby to a height that makes it easier for the mother to feed it.

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Breastfeeding positions which work best

There are a few positions which can be useful.

  • Cradle-hold position:

In this position, the baby's head is placed on the slightly bent elbow of the mother's arm on the side it's feeding, while the other hand on the other side supporting the rest of the body.

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  • Side-lying position:

The position is useful when breastfeeding during night time. Both the mother and her newborn baby should lie on your sides.

  • Biological-nursing position:

In this position, the mother leans back on the bed or couch in a half-reclining position, the baby's tummy is placed on the mother's stomach, the baby's head is on the mother's chest while it is nursing itself.

  • Clutch-hold position:

In this position, the baby is at one side facing the mother while its legs are tucked under her arm on the same side as the breast it's nursing on, while the mother supports its head with the same hand and uses the other hand to breastfeed.

In case the baby is positioned incorrectly, its mother's breasts might not be able to produce more milk to quench its hunger. If the mother is hunched over her baby, there could be more troubles than foreseen. Hence, Instead of hunching the mother should keep her back straight her newborn upwards towards her chest.If the baby's body & head face different directions and if the baby is far from its mother's chest, these become create difficult situations for both, the mother and child, so it should be avoided.

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The baby does not latch onto its mother immediately. It needs to be taught how to latch correctly. Hence, the baby should be gently nursed. If the baby isn't hungry or is unwilling to nurse, it should not be pushed. While latching baby's mouth cover the areola as well to compress the milk glands and receive its nutrition. It is crucial to take care that the woman's breast doesn't block her baby's nose. Latching correctly is essential because the baby needs to be fed milk, which is the source of its nutrition rather than air, which would create problems in its stomach.

Pulling away abruptly can be a cause of soreness and injury to the mother's breasts. Therefore, the suction needs to be broken either by gently pushing the breasts onto the mouth of the infant or by softly unlatching the baby's mouth with the little finger sliding through the side of its mouth. It is imperative to continuously keep in mind that the baby is very delicate and needs to be handled very gently and cautiously.

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