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Bariatric Surgery: Treat Obesity And Associated Problems Safely

December 5, 2023

Weight is no longer a laughing matter. Obesity is a pandemic of the 21st century and is associated with at the very least 20 other diseases along with about 6 different types of cancers.

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India has the 3rd largest obese population in the world and because of obesity, associated Type 2 Diabetes patients are increasing too. Obesity and Diabetes together are now termed Diabesity. Diabetes is a silent killer which gradually starts affecting our kidneys, blood vessels, nerves, heart, joints etc. Hence, it is time that the problem of obesity is tackled head on in an aggressive manner.


Bariatric procedures offer simple and effective solutions not only to help a person lose weight but also to keep it off. These procedures have shown effective and lasting weight loss along with great improvement in obesity associated problems like Diabetes, Cholesterol, Heart disease, Joint pains, Infertility etc. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has accepted Bariatric Surgery as an effective means for the treatment of Type II Diabetes.

With recent advances in the surgical field, these surgeries can be performed via Laparoscopy i.e. using small keyhole incisions and camera. Hence the patient recovery is fast with short hospital stay & early return to work.

Some of the procedures in Bariatrics include

1.     Restrictive Procedures like Gastric Balloon, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Imbrication. These procedures work by reducing the amount of food a person can eat at one time and increasing body metabolism.

2.     Malabsorptive Procedures like Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, Mini Gastric Bypass etc. These procedures work by reducing absorption of calories in the body with a positive effect on hormones controlling blood sugar.

The diabetes and associated problems dramatically reduce as a person loses weight and risks of many associated condition such as heart attacks, stroke, cancer, infertility reduce.

Criteria for Bariatric Surgery are based on Body Mass Index (BMI)

1.     If BMI > 32 kg/m2 with associated Diabetes/Hypertension/Cholesterol/sleep apnoea/joint disease

2.     If BMI > 37 kg/m2 even without any associated medical problems.

Bariatric surgery is not a cosmetic surgery but is a gastro surgery like appendix or gall bladder surgery and is performed to treat a medical problem.

It is time to be more aware about this simple tool for effective weight loss if you are dealing with obesity. These procedures will help you achieve benefits beyond weight loss. You can get rid of the associated medical problems as well to live a healthier & fulfilling life.

After all, Happiness begins with Good Health!

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