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Baby's Alertness in the Womb

December 23, 2021
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The stage when your baby is growing inside your womb, and you feel that is the most memorable time of pregnancy journey. The baby inside your womb is known as a fetus until birth. It is fascinating for many new moms to know about their baby's activity and alertness inside the womb.

Some pregnant women might try to predict their baby's sleep pattern according to their movement in the womb.

However, there's no evidence to suggest that you can tell whether your baby will be a good sleeper from her movements during pregnancy.

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Baby's alertness in the womb

Asleep and awake

Baby in the womb shows activity more like a newborn. He sleeps, moves around, listens to sounds, and has thoughts and memories. At about 32 weeks, your baby will sleep 90 to 95 % of the day. Some of these hours are spent in deep sleep, some in REM sleep, and some in an indeterminate state a result of his immature brain. During REM sleep, his eyes move back and forth, just like an adult's eyes. Some scientists believe that fetuses dream while they are sleeping like babies after birth.

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The movement inside the womb

In the 9th week of pregnancy, your baby will show his first movement. An ultrasound can detect these movements. At around 13th week your baby will start putting the thumb inside the mouth. Your baby starts to kick and react at this time. By week 29, you can feel your baby move at least 10 times an hour. The fetus also responds to the mother's actions and is shown by the movement felt inside the womb. In many cases, ultrasound has shown a fetus bouncing up and down when the mother laughs.

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Learning and Memory

As the fetus starts to feel, see and hear, it also develops the capacity to learn and remember. For example, a fetus may be reacting initially by a loud noise but stops responding once the sound has been repeated several times.

Some studies show a baby can feel and remember its mother's emotional state. An experiment was done in Australia, where it revealed that unborn babies were participating in the emotional upset of their mothers who were made to watch a disturbing 20-minute segment of a movie. At 3 months when the babies were born, they were again exposed to the same film, and they still showed recognition of the earlier experience. This is also a reason why it is said to follow a good routine and stay happy in a pleasant and calm mood during pregnancy as your emotions are directly affecting your baby.

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