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Welcome to Week 32

Week 32 brings you another week closer to meeting your bundle of joy. This week, you will be completing your 7th month of pregnancy!

Update on Your Body

Your uterus now sits around 5 inches above your navel. Since it is so high, it may push into your ribs, making you breathless. You may also experience some pain around your ribs due to this. Keeping your chest upright may relieve this pressure and improve your breathing. Your breasts are larger now, and they have begun to produce milk for your baby. Although the milk is being produced already, it will be secreted only upon certain hormonal changes after the birth of your baby. You may, however, notice a thick, yellowish substance emerging from your nipples. This is called colostrum, and is a perfectly normal prelude to breast milk.

Update on Your Baby

Your baby’s fingernails and toenails have formed. Most of the organs have developed by this week. The lungs are maturing too, but they will not develop completely for a few more weeks at least. Your baby’s skeleton has completely developed, but the bones are still soft and bendable.

Your Baby’s Size

16.7 inches, or the size of a squash.

Tips for an Expectant Mom


Attend the award-winning Management of Baby Affairs (MBA) programme on Cloudnine, to learn about newborn care and prepare yourself for parenthood.Attend lactation sessions on Cloudnine to explore the benefits of breastfeeding. Learn about latching techniques, healthy postures, pumping methods, lactation-inducing foods, among other important things.It is normal for your breasts to secrete colostrum from this week. However, if you are worried it may stain your clothes, consider using disposable or reusable breast pads.

Tips for an Expectant Dad


Your partner may feel anxious about labour and parenthood, among other things, partly due to pregnancy hormones and partly due to her approaching delivery. Envelop her in comfort to make her feel better. Cuddles and hugs can go a long way in lifting her spirits!