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Welcome to Week 27

Congratulations! You are beginning your third and last trimester this week! This trimester, you may have to visit your doctor more frequently than before as your body makes steady progress towards the finish line. Here’s what you can expect.

Update on Your Body

Now that your baby is moving more frequently, you may want to know how much or how little movement is ‘normal’. While a good deal of movement can be comforting, and signal that your baby is hale and hearty inside you, minimal movement is something you might want to raise with your doctor. By now, you might also have experienced a whirring in your tummy; this is only your baby hiccuping, and nothing to worry about. You might find that your baby keeps you awake at night with his or her acrobatics, and becomes quiet in slumber during the day. If possible, try to get sleep when your baby sleeps.

Update on Your Baby

This is an important week for your baby. Between weeks 27 and 28, your baby will open his or her eyes for the first time. By now, your baby has a set sleeping pattern. However, it might not be the same as yours, and as explained earlier, you may even find your baby active at night. Your baby may occasionally hiccup as the lungs continue to develop further, and may now suck his or her thumb or fist. Your baby has also developed the ability to cry.

Your Baby’s Size

14.4 inches, or the size of a lettuce.

Tips for an Expectant Mom


If you plan to avail your maternity leave at the tail end of your pregnancy, scheduling your delivery may be a priority for you. Ask your doctor for advice.

Tips for an Expectant Dad


Your partner may find certain household chores difficult, now that her baby bump is big enough to get in her way. Help her by doing these chores instead.Consider moving all her kitchen essentials to lower shelves, to make them more accessible to her.