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Sleep Safely During your Pregnancy

December 3, 2020
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pregnant woman back sleeping

Fatigue during pregnancy is a common symptom especially between the first and the third trimesters. A rise in progesterone levels along with the pressure of carrying the weight of the baby can increase this fatigue. Sleep deprivation might add to the problem.

Here are a few ways by which pregnant women can sleep better:

During the first trimester, it is safe for a woman to sleep in whichever position she is comfortable with. whether that is laying on her back or side.By this time the uterus is large enough to interfere with the sleep patternsBook an online appointment with Dr. Anindita for physiotherapy treatments.

The following issues can make sleep difficult:

  • Hormonal changes,
  • Nighttime hunger,
  • Nausea,
  • Other pregnancy symptoms may make sleep more difficult.

By the second and third trimesters, it is best to sleep on the left side. That maximizes the blood flow to the uterus without applying pressure on the liver. A few women experience back pain during pregnancy, to ease that may place a pillow or two between the knees or bend them during sleep.

pregnant woman sleeping

Sleep positions to resolve common issues during pregnancy:

  • Raising the upper body slightly with a few pillows can reduce heartburn
  • Using a body pillow to cradle the body and provide additional back support can help too
  • Elevating the legs with pillows to help with swelling and leg pain should work well

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Sleeping positions to avoid

The following positions should be avoided during pregnancy. However, if you get into either of these positions during pregnancy, while sleeping, changing the position when you are conscious should be fine.

U shaped Pillow

Avoid sleeping on your back?

Many pregnant women worry that sleeping on their back will harm the developing fetus. However, there is no reason to avoid sleeping on the back during the first trimester.As pregnancy progresses, most women find that sleeping on the back becomes difficult.To Know More About Swelling of the Ankles and Feet During Pregnancy

Back sleeping later in pregnancy-

In the third trimester sleeping on the back adds pressure to the main blood vessels that deliver blood to the uterus. This pressure might reduce the oxygen supply to the fetus, it can also increase unpleasant symptoms, like dizziness, heartburn, nausea etc. in women.Must Read: Baby’s Placenta and its importanceIf a woman frequently awakens on her back, she can try using pillows to support her body and help her remain on her side.Watch video on Exercise during Pregnancy:

Always check with your doctor before trying anything new and connect with them if you feel the slightest discomfort. Your safety matters hence even a slight issue, that you think to be irrelevant is of major concern. Take care of yourselves."Want to consult the best gynecologists in India?"

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