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Are You Planning A Family?

December 4, 2023

Here’s Something You Should Know About Preconception Care To Ensure A Healthy Pregnancy And Smooth Birth

Aristotle said that well begun is half done, and it rings true especially when you’re thinking about starting your family. When you’re looking forward to bringing a new life to this world – the first smile, the gentle grip of tiny fingers and that loud first cry – the best beginning you can make is by reaching out to your gynecologist for preconception care and counseling. It helps you prepare your mind and body for a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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The foremost aspect of preconception care is preparing you and your partner with knowledge and information on the specific steps that you can take as a couple to ensure not only a healthy baby but also a healthy father and mother.

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Seeking preconception care from your gynecologist will also help you identify and address specific health problems that you or your partner may have and prevent them from adversely impacting the health of your baby or yourself during your pregnancy. For example, if you have an iron deficiency, the most common type of anemia (low red blood cell count) during pregnancy, it can easily be treated with proper nutrition and supplements if caught earlier, even before you become pregnant. If you have any existing conditions for which you are on medication, your doctor may also advise adjustment of dosage during your consultations. The bottom line is that a majority of the health issues that affect the mother or the baby can actually be addressed well before your pregnancy, resulting in better maternal and child health outcomes.

There are many positive interventions through preconception care as well. Folic acid is an excellent supplement that has numerous benefits before and during your pregnancy. Especially during the preconception period, taking folic acid helps protect against birth defects and various pregnancy complications. Eating healthy and nutritious foods and moderate exercise are simple steps you can take that are in your control to be better prepared for your pregnancy.

If you’re constantly stressed about work or are anxious about your pregnancy or anything else, always speak up with your partner or doctor and take concrete steps to manage and reduce your stress – even proper rest and exercise helps! Taking good care of your mental and physical health is important for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

In conclusion, if you’re thinking about having a baby, make sure you talk to your doctor – it is the first and best birthday gift that you can give your baby as parents-to-be!

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