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All You Need To Know About The Sixth Month Of Pregnancy

Your pregnancy is progressing well and you’ve reached another big milestone - sixth month! Congratulations, mom-to-be, you are fast approaching the day when your baby will be cuddled in your arms! The sixth month of pregnancy marks the end of the second trimester and this is the month when things will get, well, heavier!

This month, your baby bump will become more prominent and you will find people gushing over your belly and your pregnancy glow. The sixth month will be a significant month for your baby too as he or she will be fully formed, barring the development of a few organs.

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How Your Baby Grows


By the end of the sixth month, your baby will be fully formed. His or her head will grow and the head will no longer be disproportionately big. In fact, this month, all external developments will be almost complete, including finer details like eyelashes. Your baby will be able to sense lights and loud sounds and might even start responding.

The kicks and punches will start growing stronger, so brace yourself for it, mamma! Your baby’s muscles are developing well. The translucent skin that your baby had has now been replaced by normal skin that has fat to give him or her the warmth they need. Your baby might also be able to taste the different flavours of food you are eating through the amniotic fluid as he or she has developed taste buds also.  

Your baby’s immune system develops well this month as the white blood cells get ready. Your baby’s bone marrow is also fully developed. Other organs like the lungs will still take some more time to become functional, yet, the sixth month is a very significant month for both you and your baby.

What Happens To Your Body This Month?

You are getting heavier as the baby inside you is growing at full speed. This weight gets reflected on your body in the form of extra pounds, which in turn, causes several body parts to ache. Your hips and breasts become bigger and your breasts might also start producing something called colostrum or early milk. In case this happens, do not panic as it is normal.
You might also experience clear or yellowish vaginal discharge. Consult with your ob/gyn if it smells bad or you feel it is excessive. In the sixth month, your uterus might stop putting pressure on your bladder, giving you some control over your peeing. The baby will also slowly start getting into the birth position. Your legs and ankles might continue to experience swelling because of fluid.
From this month onwards, your body will gear up for the upcoming delivery. You might experience painless pressure in your uterus along with the movements of the baby. If this happens, do not worry. You are most likely experiencing something called Braxton-Hicks contraction, a practice session that your body engages in before the delivery. However, if you feel something is wrong, do not hesitate to bring this to your ob/gyn’s notice immediately.

What Tests Will You Undergo This Month?

Your ob/gyn will monitor your baby’s growth very closely. You will go through the routine tests like ultrasound and blood tests to ensure that all’s well in the pregnancy. The doctor will measure the size and position of the baby too. Your blood pressure and sugar will be checked. You might also need to go for another pap smear in case your doctor feels it is necessary.

Things To Know This Month

Your sixth month of pregnancy is not just significant in terms of you moving on to the last trimester of the pregnancy, but also in terms of how close you are getting to delivery. This month, you need to start the planning phase. If you are a working woman, this is the time to check with your ob/gyn as to when you should plan to start your maternity leave so that even at work, you are able to ensure that your transition into your leave is smooth and there is no last-minute work  keeping you stressed.
If you have a birthing plan like water birth or hypno birth, this is the time you discuss it with your ob/gyn and get his or her opinion on whether given your health condition, it’s feasible or not. You could slowly start prepping for the arrival of your little one as well.
Given that you are now sporting a visible baby bump and it will only keep growing till you deliver, it’s also a wise thing to choose your maternity wear so that you are comfortable all around. In case you are not able to sleep well, do talk to your doctor. You need adequate sleep and less stress as it will distress your baby.
Make sure you consume enough water. To make your diet balanced and assist you in this time of many changes to your body, include food rich in fibre so that it takes care of constipation or hemorrhoids that are common during pregnancy. Avoid spicy food as this might lead to acidity or heartburn. In all, always keep your doctor posted about anything you feel is amiss. Happy sixth month, mommy!

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