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All You Need Is Love & Lamaze – The Benefits of Lamaze During Childbirth

December 3, 2020

Relating to a method of childbirth involving exercises and breathing control to give pain relief without drugs.

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“What do you want for dessert today?”

“Oh, just some love, laddoos and Lamaze.”

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If there were a dictionary designed for pregnant women, we’re sure that this example would make the cut. After all, love, laddoos and Lamaze are the perfect ingredients for a blissful pregnancy in our book.

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So while we’re all familiar with love and laddoos, let’s talk about Lamaze, the latest buzzword doing the rounds in maternity circles. Lamaze – pronounced La-maaz – is an exercise and breathing method taught to pregnant women to alleviate some of the pain associated with labour. The approach was conceived in the 1950s in France, by a noted physician called Dr Fernand Lamaze, and in time, it spread across the world as a preferred childbirth preparation programme

Lamaze isn’t only about breathing. It encompasses a myriad of techniques including exercise, movement and positioning, breathing, massage routines and relaxation methods. Lamaze classes involve both expectant parents and can be a great bonding experience for partners in preparation for parenthood.

Here are some ways in which Lamaze can help you:

1. Practise Lamaze breathing techniques:

A key component in the Lamaze programme is breathing. Controlled breathing can aid in ensuring smooth labour, by shifting your focus from the labour pains to the breathing routines.

2. Learn how to stay active:

Lamaze teaches you to maintain an active lifestyle during pregnancy. Contrary to popular opinion (read: doting mothers and aunts), pregnancy isn’t all about stuffing your face with calorie-laden dishes. In fact, staying active and healthy through your pregnancy is imperative in ensuring healthy labour.

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3. Have your partner support you:

Childbirth classes offer tips to your partner on how to support you through labour. There’s nothing better than your partner’s support through childbirth!.

The beauty of Lamaze is that it does not involve the use of drugs or medication to relieve the pain of childbirth. It is a holistic approach that can be a fun, engaging experience for both parents. It’s true what they say. All you need is love and Lamaze. And maybe a few laddoos.

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