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10 Common Myths and Misconceptions of Pregnancy

July 19, 2023

It is said that - A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.

Pregnancy and childbirth can be both exhilarating and daunting. A woman’s body undergoes many physical, physiological and emotional changes throughout pregnancy. Sometimes, the couple is anxious and apprehensive about the vast information available and the accompanying unwanted restrictions imposed on them. Many pregnancy myths remain circulating in the vast internet galaxy, which can be confusing. This article addresses ten common pregnancy myths

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Myth 1: Eating for Two.

There is no need for an expectant woman to eat for two. Doubling the caloric intake can lead to excess weight gain, which can cause issues like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and others later in the pregnancy. A pregnant woman should only consume an additional 300 calories a day. It’s crucial to have a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, vegetarian/non-vegetarian sources of proteins, and calcium-rich foods. Talking to your gynecologist about additional iron, calcium and protein supplements is also essential.

Myth 2: An Occasional Glass of Wine is Permitted During Pregnancy.

Pregnancy A dangerous myth, overwhelming evidence points to the fact that no “harmless” amount or type of liquor is allowed during pregnancy. Even moderate intake of alcohol can lead to lifelong problems for the baby. Alcohol-related congenital disabilities are entirely preventable.

So An Occasional Glass of Wine is NOT permitted during pregnancy.

Myth 3: Drinking Coffee is Harmful.

It’s important to understand that pregnant women can consume, and enjoy, moderate amounts of coffee. According to research, moderate amounts would be 200 milligrams or less per day, which does not cause miscarriage or preterm birth. More than 200ml of caffeine a day can increase the risk of miscarriage as caffeine can penetrate the placenta barrier, so it is imperative not to exceed the limit.

Myth 4: Irregular Menses Means Infertility.

An irregular menstrual cycle occasionally does not mean it will lead to infertility. Although, if menses are consistently irregular, conceiving may be more challenging due to associated hormonal imbalance. For this, different treatment options and lifestyle changes can help with conception.

Myth 5: All Bleeding During the First Trimester Means Abortion.

Bleeding during any stage of pregnancy can be distressing, though it is not always linked with a miscarriage. Vaginal bleeding is common during the first trimester, mainly due to implantation bleeding. It occurs in about 20% to 40% of pregnant women. However, getting a gynecology check-up is still essential for any bleeding during pregnancy to assess the condition.

Myth 6: If the Age is Over 35 Years; Pregnancy will have Complications.

Knowing prospective mothers aged 35 years or older can have an uneventful and safe pregnancy and a healthy baby is heartening. Yes, the risks of complications are higher than others. These difficulties can result from underlying age-related health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. It is essential to undergo proper and regular treatment and close surveillance during pregnancy.

Myth 7: Once a Caesarean Section, Always a Caesarean Section.

VBAC, or Vaginal Birth After C-section, is now considered an option for many women. VBAC can be considered depending on the favorable position of the fetus, maternal condition and the reason for the initial C-Section.

Myth 8: All Mothers Are Blissful After Childbirth.

Maternal bliss is a myth. Having a baby is a significant life-changing experience, filled with sleepless days and nights and breastfeeding woes. It may take a while and some perseverance to adjust. Some women go through the “baby blues” about 2 -3 days after childbirth and may feel sad, apprehensive, or troubled. The sudden change in hormones can cause this. Some moms may experience severe depression, even puerperal psychosis, which needs immediate treatment.

Myth 9: Creams and Serums Can Prevent Stretch Marks.

A popular misconception that needs to be ‘smoothened’ out is that although some creams may help stretch marks fade faster after they appear, no cream can completely stop stretch marks from developing. Stretch marks are usual and physiological. They occur due to scarring of the tissues as they break when the abdomen distends due to pregnancy. However, massaging the skin can keep it moisturized and soft and help it recover faster. It helps to thoroughly apply a chemical-free moisturizer thrice a day throughout the gestation. This keeps the skin elastic, smooth, and better adapted to stretch throughout and after pregnancy. Shea butter, cocoa butter, and similar creams work well to minimize stretch marks.

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Myth 10: There is No Need to See a Gynecologist after Delivery.

Post-delivery advice and medical care for contraception and other issues are essential. Regular follow-up with a gynecologist is necessary, not just for pregnancy and childbirth. It is vital to do health screenings for cervical, breast, and ovarian cancer.

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