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Impact of Irregular Periods on Pregnancy

December 18, 2020


Irregular periods:


Irregular periods are very common among women, although they can be inconvenient, they’re usually not alarming symptoms. It may signify an imbalance in hormones and may obstruct your fertility. Although not on a predictable schedule, women with irregular periods still do ovulate. It is best advisable to consult your OB-GYN about your irregularities to diagnose the condition and get treated the right way.

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Main causes:


Apart from pregnancy, some of the main causes of irregular periods are stress, excessively exercising, travelling, weight loss or gain, hormonal changes or other such sudden changes one makes in their normal routine.


It is best to always keep track of your menstrual cycles either by marking your calendar by noting the number of days between each cycle or using period apps that also track your ovulation period. This can also help your Gynaecologist identify what the issue is and what is the best treatment plan for it, and can also help figure out if your periods are irregular or if it’s just shorter or longer than the average cycle.


Its effect on pregnancy:


Although irregular cycles don’t usually interfere with the woman’s fertility, it may make the process of conceiving a tad bit more difficult. Since it is tracking your cycle becomes unreliable, you might have to look for other signs to track your fertility window such as your basal body temperature may fall slightly and rise again, or your cervix soften sand opens up, or you might experience a twinge of pain or cramps in your lower abdomen, or simply use an ovulation prediction kit.


Unless you have an ovulation problem, in which case your ovulation ceases to exist, that is when you may have to consult your doctor on what measures to be taken, whether you will need help getting pregnant or whether other underlying issues may need to be addressed immediately instead.


Treatment for it:


Depending on the intensity of the issue, your doctor may guide you to take certain measures, such as:


  1. Lower your stress levels as stress can be one of the main reasons behind the irregularity of your menstrual cycle.
  2. Slow down on your physical workouts, avoid excessive exercising, as that may be the reason to prevent you from ovulating.
  3. Hormone therapies in case the reason behind your irregular periods are hormone-related in order to regulate your cycle.
  4. In some cases, the doctor might prescribe certain medicines or injections that may induce your cycle to get regular.


Although it is not uncommon for women to have irregular cycles, it is best to consult your doctor whether you are trying to have a baby or not, in order to diagnose what the issue is and getting it out of the way. The irregularity in your cycle does not declare the end of your parenthood, there is always hope, you still have high chances of getting pregnant and delivering a healthy baby.

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