Best Maternity Hospital in Old Airport Road, Bangalore

As one of the earliest-established hospitals in the Cloudnine fold, Old Airport Road is cherished by guests for its seasoned panel of doctors and high-quality infrastructure. The hospital hosts 41 of the most distinguished physicians in Bengaluru and welcomes guests from Bengaluru and beyond. It is home to a wide-ranging team of gynaecologists, obstetricians, nutritionists, fertility specialists, paediatricians and counsellors. It features 5 operation theatres, 7 labour delivery rooms, 42 maternity suites and and an 18-incubator-strong, Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Maternity Care on Cloudnine, Old Airport Road

Cloudnine, Old Airport Road is celebrated for its thoughtful approach to maternity, as reflected by its signature It’s Our Baby Programme. The programme serves to gently coach couples from pregnancy to delivery and beyond through hands-on experiences. It is composed of prenatal workshops, Lamaze sessions, a baby shower and an award-winning Management of Baby Affairs programme. On Cloudnine, Old Airport Road, we believe that maternity truly begins with motherhood. That’s why, the It’s Our Baby Programme includes a rich suite of postnatal services, including lactation sessions, nutrition counselling and a full-body fitness assessment. The centre welcomes over 130 new babies every month.

About Doctors on Cloudnine, Old Airport Road

Cloudnine, Old Airport Road’s commitment to excellence is echoed by the diverse variety of prominent physicians on its medical panel. Its paediatricians, gynaecologists, obstetricians, nutritionists, counsellors and lactation experts carry remarkable expertise and are recognised as some of India’s finest medical specialists.

Highlights on Cloudnine, Old Airport Road

Old Airport Road highlights Cloudnine’s legacy as a premier destination for high-risk pregnancies and deliveries, with a neonatal survival rate of 99.27%. Additionally, its specialised NICU holds the ability to support babies born as premature as 24 gestational weeks and as light as 600 grams.