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You’re doing a great job, mom, even when you don’t feel like it

December 3, 2020

“A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin.” - Amy Tan

Cloudnine is a firm believer in this particular saying. Mothers everywhere are the beginning of every person’s life. They brave through all adversity to bring their little ones to this world. Moms who do so amidst a global pandemic, however, are absolute badasses. All mums are heroes, but those who choose Cloudnine can just be called smarter heroes!

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Cloudnine has been ranked as the best maternity and child care hospital in India, and we strive every day to uphold the title that has been bestowed upon us by providing services to make pregnancy during these trying times easier for women.

We bring to you the story of Pieu Chowdhury, one such Warrior Mom, who placed her trust in Cloudnine Pune. Under the supervision of Dr. Manjari, this Bengali beauty from Hyderabad delivered a healthy baby boy on Cloudnine Pune. Pieu is currently a stay-at-home mom, holding fort at home while managing the new responsibilities of being a mom.

Let us hear about the lovely Pieu’s journey with us on Cloudnine, narrated in her own words.

Tell us about yourself and how has your family supported you during this period?

My name is Pieu. I originally hail from Hyderabad and have been living in Pune for the last year with my husband. I used to be a working professional, working in the animation industry. My baby boy is going to be the first of his generation in our family, and so, quite obviously, my whole family had been quite excited about his arrival. I must admit, I got pampered a lot during my journey of pregnancy by my family. Timely care for my health and well-being was provided by each and every member of my family and that proved to be my greatest strength during these tough times.

Why choose Cloudnine Chandigarh from all the options you had?

Doctors were my main priority when it came to choosing a hospital for the birth of my son. Once I discovered about my pregnancy, I delved into the research, looking for the hospital with the best medical fraternity in Pune. Cloudnine won the title by a huge margin. The medical fraternity is very impressive and therefore, I opted for Cloudnine to deliver my baby. I must say, I made the right choice with Cloudnine, and I’m glad I did so. I could not have chosen a better place to deliver my little prince.

How was your journey with Cloudnine, especially given the current scenario?

The country-wide lockdown was announced and put into effect during the last stage of my pregnancy. Initially, we were quite concerned about how we would visit the hospital and generally take care of the pregnancy, owing to the virus on the loose. However, when we reached the hospital for my final checkup, we were relieved by the arrangements that were being taken up by the Cloudnine authorities to ensure a safe and sound pregnancy and delivery for all the women associated with Cloudnine. They took up the responsibility of sanitizing the premises and conducting thermal check-ups at the entrance for everybody visiting the hospital.

This was quite reassuring for me and made me feel quite happy to see Cloudnine care for us like a mother. They went the extra mile to ensure that there was no spread or contact of the virus within their premise.

Apart from the regular sanitization and cleaning of their wards, Cloudnine provides a number of services exclusively because of the lockdown like video consultations, pick-up services, home delivery of medicines, a variety of online classes for nutrition and exercise, and free home vaccination for babies, to name a few.

We know moms, so we try our best to ensure that they get the facilities of the hospital sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Please share your experience with your doctor, pediatrician, and other support staff at Cloudnine?

I had the best experience with the medical fraternity on Cloudnine Pune. My supervising doctor, Dr. Manjari, and her team acted as pillars of support for me throughout my beautiful journey of pregnancy. Starting from the conception to the normal delivery of my son, Dr. Manjari played a pivotal role. The support staff on Cloudnine was also very helpful. Being first-time parents, my husband and I were very lost about the details of child care, especially for a newborn baby. The nurses on Cloudnine guided us very patiently and made sure that we understood what they were explaining to us.

After the successful normal delivery, the care and attention we got all through our stay in Cloudnine were exceptional. Due to the precautions for the pandemic taken on Cloudnine, only one person was allowed to stay with me and my son. Hence, my husband chose to be with us. Yet, we didn't face any difficulty managing all the post-delivery tasks because of the wonderful care we got from the nurse and supporting staff. I am grateful for the help that I received from everybody on Cloudnine.

Please share some inspiring words for pregnant women/moms at Cloudnine, given the current scenario.

Ladies, I must tell you that you have done yourself a favour by choosing to deliver your baby on Cloudnine Pune. I highly recommend this hospital for a very healthy, safe, and successful journey of mother and child. They take care of all your needs and make sure that you do not feel like you are alone at any step of the journey. Cloudnine truly cares for both mother and child. Apart from that, you just need to remember to take it easy. Do not put unnecessary pressure upon yourself. Relax, and brace yourself for the best pregnancy experience ever!

“Be patient with yourself. You and your baby are both learning new things each day.”

Thank you for all the kind words you shared with us, Pieu!

We are glad you enjoyed your stay with us on Cloudnine. You were an absolute delight to host and we wish you all the best for your life ahead with your little boy. We hope to see you back on Cloudnine soon.

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