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Your choices define you!

December 3, 2020

Cloudnine moms are Mom Warriors, who’ve proven themselves time and again. They aren’t different, they just do things differently.  Not only does Cloudnine pledge, but also delivers what it promises. A confident woman knows that she is correct when she makes Cloudnine her choice.

Why is that so?

This is because she’ll choose Cloudnine after wisely completing a 360-degree research on the best maternity hospitals across the country.This certainly does not mean that women who don’t choose Cloudnine are less competent, however, Cloudnine Moms are at an advantage because they check, discuss, segregate and align all the requisite services which are necessary for them and for their unborn babies. Following which they make a decision to come aboard on Cloudnine.

Cloudnine is ranked as the Number 1 maternity and pediatric hospital across the nation by the Times of India for a very valid reason. We’re the best in the healthcare industry because We Know Moms. We, on Cloudnine, feel more than exhilarated to share the stories of these beautiful independent women who’ve been fighting all odds and have brought vibrant new lives into our world, while placing their faith in Cloudnine.

We have with us one such Mom Warrior who has braved through the current pandemic situation and brought to life the apple of her eyes. We welcome Monika Srivastava, who hails from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.  However, like many of us, she too has shifted base to Bangalore where she works as an IT professional and is currently living with her husband. She’s been in Bangalore for the past 3 years.

Through our conversation, we got to know a few things about her pregnancy journey.

She told us;

“This was my first pregnancy and my journey on Cloudnine, Bangalore was quite smooth.

I was fortunate enough to get ample support from my Family.

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My parents visited us just before the start of my Third Trimester to be with us, which helped me in continuing with my job with utmost concentration till the day of my delivery.”

She explained to Cloudnine how her whole family had always maintained a positive environment throughout her pregnancy journey and often boosted her morale and confidence. She also adds that her family members shared with her their experiences from time to time, based on her condition, which helped her a lot in overcoming her pregnancy stress and ultimately going through a normal childbirth.

We asked her to share her experience about her doctor, paediatrician and other support staff on Cloudnine, and she had a handful to share.

She told us that during her pregnancy, she was under the guidance of Dr. Praveena Shenoi. At the beginning of all her trimesters, the Doctor suggested she follow some crucial guidelines and precautions, which helped her undergo a normal delivery.

She strongly mentions being thankful to the Doctor and Cloudnine for giving her immense support during her complete pregnancy journey.

Since the time her baby was born, he was under the guidance of Dr. Arvind Shenoi and Dr. Nilesh Rao. About the doctors on Cloudnine,

she says;

They have always guided us at all times in understanding our baby’s growth pattern.

We then asked Monika about her pregnancy journey on Cloudnine in detail especially given the current pandemic situation, to which she replied,

The doctors, nurses, and other staff members at Cloudnine are very supportive.

Even during the COVID period, the hospital took the utmost precautions for safety and security because kids and pregnant mothers are much prone to catching a disease. Proper measures were taken by the hospital all time which gave us much confidence whenever we had to visit the hospital.

There were extra facilities provided proactively by the hospital like ambulance, video consultations, which were very convenient and safe. Even during the lockdown when we were admitted, the staff ensured adequate facilities and a hassle-free stay.

”Thank you, Monika, we’re glad we could make you happy!

On being asked if she would like to share a few words of encouragement to all the expecting moms out there she responded with these pointers:

  • Think positive
  • Stay fit
  • Eat healthily
  • Be confident
  • Trust your doctor
  • Trust Cloudnine

These pointers are surely great ones to be followed by expecting and new moms. We, on Cloudnine, are glad that we could be connected with a smart and loving Mom Warrior like yourself, Monika. We assure you that we’ll always be by your side. We wish you that may this new phase of your life be as lovely as you are.

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