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Your Baby is Tiny Like a Pomegranate Seed at 6 Weeks!

Becoming a mother is equally exciting every time, no matter how many times you’ve done it before. Did you know that you can get an idea about your baby’s size by comparing it to the vegetables in your kitchen?

At six weeks, your baby is as big as a pomegranate seed. While that may not seem significantly big, your baby is developing faster than you could imagine!

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Baby developments

At six weeks, your baby is about ⅛ or ¼ inches long and looks something like a tadpole.

  • The baby has a small tail that will develop into the spinal column
  • Development of the arms, legs, and ears have slowly begun
  • Organs like the brain and the lungs have started developing
  • The fetus now has teeth and a very thin layer of skin

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  • Your baby’s facial features are on the way of development
  • Your baby has now grown from an oval shape to a C-shape
  • Around this time, you can hear your baby’s heartbeat if you opt for a vaginal ultrasound

  • Your baby’s heart beats faster than you at this stage; at about 110 beats per minute
  • The neural tube continues to close at each end; this is essential for the normal growth of the brain and spinal cord
  • The cells that would form the baby’s intestines are now growing

What can you see in the ultrasound?

  • At six weeks, an abdominal ultrasound may not be able to produce a clear picture of your baby, in that case, the doctor might perform a vaginal ultrasound
  • A wand-shaped device is inserted into the vagina to perform this kind of ultrasound

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  • At six weeks, your baby might just appear to be a tiny blob on the screen, with not too many distinguishable features
  • You can, however, see the general shape and size of the fetus
  • The doctor can tell you the size of your baby from crown to rump, along with the position of your baby in your womb

Things to do at six weeks of pregnancy

  • Eat small meals several times a day
  • Drink plenty of fluids, at least ten glasses each day
  • Good nutrition and a healthy diet are essential for your baby’s immunity growth
  • Take naps and try and go to bed earlier at night

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  • Sufficient rest is important for the healthy growth of your baby
  • Exercise is very good for the mind and body, so get off the couch and stretch those limbs!
  • Avoid smoking and drinking at all costs as this can prove very harmful for your baby
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