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Worth Re-living it!

December 3, 2020

Life is filled with innumerable experiences. Certain experiences become so special that they get transported to a surreal level and you want to revisit them only to live, feel and experience it again. One such experience is our journey of parenthood at Cloudnine. Yes, I want to relive from the day I entered Cloudnine in March 2013 – getting introduced to “the ever-smiling” Dr. Praveena Shenoi – Meeting Dr. Bhawna Dewan who connected us with our baby virtually – cordial receptionists who patiently attended our calls to book our appointments – LDR team who kept me at ease throughout the labor – Dr. Praveena Shenoi and team who guided me to a safe and normal delivery – The Day of August 2nd, 2013 – Glimpse of my daughter – My room 209 – Dr. Arvind Shenoi, Pediatrician, who assured our daughter’s recovery from Jaundice and ensured we were not panicked – the postpartum diet and the dietician – loving and caring nursing staff who served 24/7 and the housekeeping staffs. One might wonder why so many mentions?! It is very rare that each person and event you encounter creates a positive impact on you.

Cloudnine is a place where this rare event materializes into reality. It is commonly believed that a mother alone closely experiences the whole journey of giving birth to a child. But for us, it was a journey of parenthood and not just motherhood because going-to-be father and going-to-bed mother were given equal importance. My husband was allowed to be part of the whole process and it’s more sentimental for him because he saw her first and heard her first cry. The astonishing fact is that each and every nursing staff you meet at Cloudnine are smiling, caring, well-trained, well educated and pro-active. A special thanks from my mother, my husband and me to Dr Praveena Shenoi & team and to the Nursing staff (Rinzing, Devi, Deepika and Sanitha). Cloudnine has the best medical facilities and we knew we were in the right place. They have redefined the “fear of hospital” into “home of love” because being at Cloudnine is like being at home.

Our journey of parenthood has been an emotionally enriching experience and our deep-felt gratitude to Cloudnine who made this experience a memorable one; to an extent that if at all we plan for a second child it will be ONLY under the guidance of Dr Praveena Shenoi at Cloudnine.

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