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Working the hardest job - being a mother

December 3, 2020

We, at Cloudnine, have always been supportive of a mother’s cause and her premonitions. This pandemic brought to us new challenges and with everything in the tumble, it was getting difficult for all, and more for the to-be-mothers. The lockdown ensured that many of these young moms to be away from their families this can be a severe mental blow to some.

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We at Cloudnine care for our clients like family, like a mother, like your closest one who will be beside you during this crisis period no matter what. We know you are all warrior moms and you all will brave through these shortcomings.

Cloudnine Pune was host to one such a warrior mom recently. Pushpanjali Mohapatra, who hails from Odisha, graced the medical fraternity on Cloudnine Pune and fought against adversity to bring her baby to this world amidst the pandemic. We sat down for a conversation with her and we would like to share with you what the excited Pushpanjali had to say about her experience.

Cloudnine: Tell us about yourself and how has your family supported you during this period?

Pushpanjali: This is my first baby, so I was eagerly waiting to bring it to this planet, with utmost care. I was very adamant that proper care was necessary and so that was my reason for going forward with Cloudnine, Pune. I was well supported by my family members, be it my parents or my in-laws throughout my pregnancy. However, during this unprecedented pandemic situation, my support systems were not able to stand by my side. The countrywide lockdown was announced suddenly and we weren’t all together at the moment.

This was a big blow because every woman I guess hopes to have all of her family beside her during this time. But unfortunately, that was not to happen. I only relied upon my Mom & husband and of course on Cloudnine during this period. We were otherwise happy, together in our place and I wouldn’t be able to come up to this point without their wholehearted support.

Cloudnine: Why choose Cloudnine Pune from all the options you had?

Pushpanjali: This is the first time I was getting ready for such an experience and I had no idea what to expect. I had my mother and a few other people from whom I had heard stories from their pregnancy time and honestly going through the same experience is a whole other experience altogether. So, all I had in my mind was I need to get a good hospital but more than that a place where I would be genuinely cared for. I took some references and did some research.

Cloudnine topped the list all the way. From great cooperating staff to excellent medical fraternity they had it all. They even promised safety measures due to the pandemic and other lockdown exclusive facilities which made me opt for Cloudnine. And boy am I happy with my decision.

Cloudnine: How was your journey with Cloudnine, especially given the current scenario?

Pushpanjali: Experience with Cloudnine during this pandemic was something out of our expectations. The reason behind why we selected Cloudnine was safety and service. We felt it the safest place for delivery right now. They are making screening for all who enter the premises. As a responsible citizen, I cannot fixate more and more on how important this move was. We all were reading horrifying news from around the world and the medical fraternity is in shambles trying to cower it down. Testing everyone on the premises for the virus was perhaps the best step anybody could take to offer total protection to the would-be mothers and the infants in the hospital. They even delivered medicines at our doorstep and video consultations with my doctor.

Again, this was in line with the lockdown rules they made sure we did not have to leave our house unnecessarily. They are also offering vaccination at the doorstep which is bliss in the present situation and also providing free ambulance service during the lockdown.

Free Pregnancy Counselling

Cloudnine also provides several other facilities exclusive to the new pandemic situation. Video consultation with your doctor, free pick-ups, online classes for exercises, and diet/nutrition.

Cloudnine: Please share your experience with your doctor, pediatrician, and other support staff at Cloudnine?

Pushpanjali: I would like to express my hearty gratitude to my gynecologist Dr. Smita Khose, pediatrician Dr. Sandeep and all other staff members. Dr. Smita showcases excellent behaviour with a patient, friendly, and optimized mentality. She gave us a few suggestions which proved to be very helpful during this lockdown. I know I might have asked her inconsequential questions at times but Dr. Smita was always patient enough to answer them. Her soothing nature really helped me calm my nerves. Dr. Sandeep too is an excellent person with a charismatic personality.

He explained to us things about a newborn infant in a very exquisite manner and details, which helped us as we are new parents and we were supposed to not panic. Also going to the hospital at all times wasn’t an option either. Staff members are really great in their service. Everything was kept sanitized and clean. Their care and services are really praise worthy.

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Cloudnine: Please share some inspiring words for pregnant women/moms at Cloudnine, given the current situation.

Pushpanjali: Everyone in this world is worried right now and if you are pregnant you likely have even more in your mind. That’s simply how it works. Any to be mother overthinks a lot. Your mind is likely reeling with the news that you come across in social media or otherwise. It is best to only focus on the positive side of the news for this period. It helps with keeping your body and the baby’s health. Listen to your doctor and whatever they say is only for your benefit.

Although it feels scary, there is still a good chance of everything being okay especially if you take proper precautions. Have your family around if you’re fortunate enough. Trust on Cloudnine. Stay positive, stay calm, stay healthy, stay home, stay safe. You will sail through.

Well, all we can say is listen to what Pushpanjali has to say. You will definitely sail through. At Cloudnine we give nothing more important than the well being of a to-be-mom during her tenure with us. We understand her fears, her insecurities, and her standing anxiety all through the months of her pregnancy.

You’re the safest at our hands because We know moms. Cloudnine was honoured to host Pushpanjali. We loved the time we spent with you and look forward to seeing you sometime in the future.

Always remember you're a warrior mom and Cloudnine loves you and will always be there for you!

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