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December 3, 2020

The most favourite date of the year for me will be 3rd July for the rest of my life. It was on this date in the year 2010, that my beautiful wife entered my life. It was on this date that my life changed forever, and I was happy, anxious, and nervous and all the other things that a bachelor feels just before his marriage. But those feelings had not returned until 3 years later, the same date- 3rd July 2013.

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My little angel was born at the same time we got married @ 5.50. I was beaming with so much happiness that I never imagined could exist. It was this wonderful coincidence that has marked this day in my life. Cloudnine was the heaven I chose for my angel and I must admit the entire experience is aptly named “Cloudnine”!

I got to know about this place through my family who had also delivered here much earlier. But when I came in here with my wife, the treatment I have received has been wonderful.

Dr Jyotsna Madan has been more of a friend to us than a doctor, which made us feel extremely comfortable with her. She has been very informative and kept us on track and well informed about all the developments. Dr Jyotsna has heard all our endless queries with a lot of patience every single time that we have visited her or called her.

When I entered the labor room with my wife, the “3D movie” started. I was standing there watching the entire show and was stunned that I had a little angel in my hand when it ended. This is one of the highlights of Cloudnine since I’m not aware of many hospitals in India who would allow any of the family members during childbirth, and for Cloudnine to do this shows their level of confidence.

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The staff and everyone showed us love and care like family. I truly thank Cloudnine for this exhilarating experience of my angel’s birth and wife’s well-being.