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Women’s Day Special – 6 Things You Should Know as a New Mommy

December 3, 2020

Here; have a seat. You look tired. And slightly pooped (on).We get it. You’ve probably spent large parts of your night breastfeeding, and attending to your baby’s bum. You’re exhausted – and you inexplicably catch the slightest whiff of baby poop wherever you go – even in the shower. It’s normal.

Here are 6 things you should know as a new mommy:

You’re still you

Just because you have a permanent accessory on your hip doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve me-time – even if it is between feeds, or diaper changes, or naptimes. Start with one hot shower a day. Or a nap while your baby is asleep. You’ll probably be woken up by your baby’s wail, but some sleep is better than none, right? One day, you’ll have time for the bigger things. Like getting your hair done, and watching TV. One day. We assure you.

Your support system is everything

Having a baby isn’t easy, but neither is caring for one. Nobody talks about that enough. It’s likely that your family will come together to support you through this phase. But if you aren’t lucky enough to have family in the same city, or even the same country, consider employing a part-time ayah. An ayah – or nursemaid – can instil confidence and comfort in you on this new journey.

You will be sleep deprived

Finding time to sleep while you’re baby is napping can be hard. But you know, your time for deep slumber will come. For now, savour every moment. One day, when your little baby isn’t as little anymore, you’ll want these days back.

Maternal instincts don’t develop overnight

Whoever said that maternal instincts are sparked by the arrival of a child was clearly never a mother. A new mom doesn’t experience an epiphany that pushes her instinct level up a notch. It doesn’t work that way. You may bond with your baby right away, or it may take you a few weeks. It doesn’t matter. Either way, your child will still be embarrassed by your jokes in ten years’ time.

Worry about losing weight later

After giving birth, most new moms start plotting how they’re going to lose the pregnancy pounds. And while exercise may be off your agenda for now, make sure you’re active. Pick the stairs over the lift, walk around the house. Do the little things, like watching what’s on your plate. The great news is that breastfeeding is a colossal calorie burner. A single day of breastfeeding can burn up to 800 calories!

It’s okay to hold your baby

You’re a new-age parenting purist, aren’t you? The kind that lets your baby cry in her crib, because it’s considered healthy. You’re not going to spoil your baby by holding her. See, your baby craves comfort and familiarity. She is new to the world, and she needs a little bit of hand-holding. And head-holding. And just holding, really.

In about ten years’ time, your baby will want space. She’ll want to go out with her friends. She’ll want to do the usual things that preteens do. She’ll still love you as much, but she won’t need you as physically or emotionally close anymore. You only have that now.

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