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Why sing Lullabies?

December 3, 2020

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Dad Signing Lullabies

Dad Signing Lullabies[/caption]Little Leela was a 3-kilo bundle of love on whose arrival her parents and ecstatic family were on cloud nine. After promptly announcing her arrival to her family she proceeded to do what many such cuddly bundles do. She demanded her first feed and had it like a pro from mother a few minutes after birth.Then she wet daddy's new shirt- much to his embarrassment. The big job was also done promptly when the cousins visited - everybody said it was her way of saying "I love you".It was after friends and family had left that the first wail started. Mum put her to the breast, but she seemed uninterested in feeding.[caption id="attachment_22921" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Singing Lullabies

Singing Lullabies[/caption]Click here to Consult The Best Pediatricians in NoidaShe was happy being held for a while but no sooner you put her down she would cry. Her parents did what Internet had told them - has been fed - check, is she cold- room temp 26C - comfortable, baby well wrapped- check, is she wet/ nappy dirty - NO check. And so on. The anxiety levels had reached a fever pitch & That was when I was called in.

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Leela looked as she had done in the morning - pretty with a nice pink suit, wide awake at 10 pm. On examining her she was a picture of health. That is when I asked whether the parents whether they had brought it. In the hurry to get to the hospital, as usual, they had forgotten it.They had packed the baby clothes, the baby care kit, the big bag of diapers..... But they had forgotten it. They had forgotten to pack a song! Most parents do not realise that the baby has been listening to the mother's voice (& father's, siblings, extended family) for many months.[caption id="attachment_22923" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Mom singing Lullabies

Mom singing Lullabies[/caption]Click here to Book An Appointment With The Best Pediatrician Near YouOnce baby is born few cares to sing and talk to the baby. Everyone looks, but few talk or sing to the baby. For the baby, the mother's voice is music and comfort bundled into one. Lo and behold, when Mum picked up Leela and crooned, peace descended on the room.[caption id="attachment_22922" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Baby sleeping

Baby sleeping[/caption]When I was leaving Dad was hesitatingly joining the chorus. So if you see a young couple going to have a baby make sure you remind them to pack a song.Must Read: How Daddy Can Master The Art Of Baby Care