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Portion Control and its Importance

All too often, we tend to eat whatever is laid out on the plate in front of us, without thinking about the amount of food we are consuming. Overeating can stem from boredom or extreme emotions like euphoria or deep sorrow. It can also occur from being presented with a wide selection of food items. Considering these triggers, monitoring one’s portion size becomes imperative.

Eating adequately, but not excessively, can ward off and control the onset of various debilitating diseases such as hypertensive disorders, diabetes, weight gain and unintentional weight loss.

What is a portion size?

Portion size is defined as the amount of food that one puts on his or her plate for a single sitting or meal. Quite often, we serve ourselves quantities perceivably equivalent to a single portion, when in reality they may be composed of multiple portions. Essentially, portion control involves eating a healthy assortment of varied foods.

Why is portion control important?

Portion control is important because it allows you to have a tight handle on how many calories you are presumably consuming. This way, you eat what your body needs, instead of mindlessly overindulging.

What Are the Consequences of Not Controlling One’s Portion Size?

The human appetite is often challenged by highly palatable foods, the consumption of which can lead to weight gain.

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In a hospital set up, controlling portion size is crucial because guests may either be recovering, have certain medical conditions, or may simply need to watch their food intake. Portion control can aid this journey. A diet plan may be prescribed by a dietitian or a doctor to guests with specific medical conditions.

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If food is not apportioned properly, the treatment plan in question may be derailed, potentially worsening a medical outcome. Portion control can prove beneficial during select surgical procedures. For guests with diabetes, measured portions could help to improve a surgical outcome. Even texture modifications in guests’ diets are known to augment nutritional value. Porridges, fruit, purees, custard with blended fruits, soups and lentil water are essential sources of nutrition.

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Your gut holds the ability to point you to your upper consumption threshold. Trust your gut to tell you when to stop eating. Some of the benefits of portion control include waste minimization, controlled food costs, optimal apportionment and nutritional need augmentation.    

Benefits of Portion Control                                                                                     Drawbacks of Inadequate Portion Control

Reduction in binge eating, balanced diet                                                  Can cause bulimia nervosa

Improvement indigestion                                                                            Can affect the digestive system, lead to constipation, diarrhoea

Glucose/fat level is usually balanced                                                         Glucose/fat level may be elevated

Increase in satiety level                                                                               No control over satiety level

Cost management                                                                                              Wastage

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