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When a crisis and warrior mom met

December 3, 2020

Being a mother for the first time is an extremely difficult venture. We have all, at some point or the other appreciated our own mothers less than what they deserve. All mothers are brave hearts but those mothers who choose Cloudnine are at an advantage. Well, all women like to have their family beside them, especially female members of the family, when they are pregnant, to guide them on the journey.

This pandemic has made it difficult for families to be beside each other and thus every mother who comes to Cloudnine is treated as a family member. We believe Cloudnine is like a mother to them. Nothing satisfies us more than happy mothers with the apples of their eyes. To choose Cloudnine is to embrace the journey of becoming a warrior mom in a smarter and more efficient way.

Here, we introduce to you one such warrior mom who graced Cloudnine Bengaluru not so long ago with her presence. Shanthala Hedge hails from Bengaluru itself and she is an enigma of her own. We had the opportunity to indulge ourselves with her in a chat and it is safe to say that during the time she had spent in the hospital cabin, she had already become a favourite amongst the staff. Let’s see in her own words, what her stay was like on Cloudnine.

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Cloudnine: Tell us about yourself and how your family has supported you during this period?

Shanthala: Lucky are the people who have a support system at home that ensures their happiness and makes sure they get all care required during testing times like pregnancy and post-delivery. I have thankfully been one of those lucky women who had a beautiful family that has supported me through this time, especially when it was made more difficult by the pandemic situation unfolding around us and adding to our anxiety. Of course, it wasn’t the best of times for us. We were all tensed as to what should be the next plan of movement without endangering the baby to come.

One of the downsides that come with pregnancy is that mothers-to-be get anxious way too easily and a pandemic on top of it wasn’t helping one bit. I am more than just grateful to my family and especially my husband for their support.

Cloudnine understands a mom’s anxiety and takes it upon themselves to stand beside them through the whole journey. We know moms.

Cloudnine: Why choose Cloudnine Bengaluru from all the options you had?

Shanthala: I knew a few people who needed maternity care recently or in the past year and after consulting with them I decided to go for Cloudnine. Cloudnine provided a few services that were exclusive to the lockdown and the quarantine rules. Needless to say, they were extremely helpful. I understand now why everyone referred me to Cloudnine. My baby is very important to me and Cloudnine provided the kind of maternity treatment I wanted for my baby. I am a pretty satisfied customer.

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Cloudnine: How was your journey with Cloudnine, especially given the current scenario?

Shanthala: I have been associated with Cloudnine for more than 4 years now and I have not had many complaints. Any little complaints I had have been efficiently dealt with by their teams. Thanks to all the new patient-friendly services provided during the time of this terrible pandemic, like video consultation and doorstep delivery of medicine, things have gotten much easier and safer to deal with from the ease of home. I cannot begin to emphasize how helpful the video consultation idea was. It is extremely difficult to get cab services and always travel to the hospital for regular check-ups.

The video consultation made it so easier for me to get in touch with my doctor within short notices. Even when I had to go to the hospital there was a cab service ready for pick up. The emergency team at the hospital also showed great efficiency in helping us when we needed their services.

It is safe to say that my journey on Cloudnine was smooth enough during these bumpy times. Cloudnine provides a number of services to help ease all to be mothers’ journey during these crisis times. We provide for video consultations, online classes for diet and exercises for moms, pick up service, and home delivery for medicines. We understand safety and care for the health of mothers who are taking it all head-on.

Cloudnine: Please share your experience with your doctor, pediatrician, and other support staff at Cloudnine?

Shanthala: Dr. Shefali Tyagi has been my gynecologist since 2016, helping me through my journey to have a heart baby. It is not the most ideal of conditions that a mother-to-be would like to be in. Dr. Tyagi has always been available to me, responding to my every mail and WhatsApp messages, no matter how inconsequential my questions are. Her professional approach has always been helpful in keeping me calm, her efficient answers to all my queries have always resolved all my doubts. It was easy to converse with her with my doubts and no matter what I always got her beside me throughout my period as an anxious to be a mother.

Dr. Swapnil Bhagat, who has been my radiologist, has also shown a great deal of efficiency in professionally and efficiently answering to my questions during my scans. Things can get complicated and he broke it down for me every time and explained it all to me in simpler terms. I appreciate the quick response of all the support staff at the hospital. They always had one person on duty checking up on me. Everything was sanitized and every person they let in the premises was checked for the virus. This was highly appreciated. The staff was cordial and responsive at all times.

Cloudnine: Please share some inspiring words for pregnant women/moms at Cloudnine, given the current situation.

Shanthala: All I have to say to the moms-to-be is, don't worry, you are in safe hands if you are on Cloudnine. They will ensure that you and your baby will be safe and get everything you need in these difficult times. These moments are precious. Relax and enjoy the beautiful journey into parenthood. Cloudnine will always have your back, Shanthala. Remember that you will always be a warrior mom! We look forward to seeing you again on Cloudnine.

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