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Welcome To The Seventh Month Of Pregnancy!

Hey there! So, it’s been almost 25 weeks since your baby was conceived and you’ve done a great job so far! Welcome to the seventh month of pregnancy, where things are about to get real very soon! As you enter the seventh month, you will experience a phase peppered with excitement as well as anxiety. So, what can you expect this month? Read on to find out.

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How’s Your Baby Doing?

Seventh Month.jpg

Your baby’s growth is just about to hit the accelerator. Your baby’s organs are almost developed now. Your baby can hear you loud and clear so sing and talk to him or her and get your family members to do the same. Your baby might even start responding to different sounds and might even get startled if something or someone is too loud, so be careful!

This month, your baby will start reacting to lights also. His or her sleep pattern will fall into place and you will be able to trace a routine. You’ll be able to predict the time he or she will be active and when he or she will sleep. Interestingly, this is the month when your baby will not just start sleeping well, but might also have dreams! Your baby’s organs are developing very fast and the lungs are now fully formed. His or her bones have become firm too. Your baby might even start crying inside your womb this month. Incredible, isn’t it?

Because the baby is growing bigger each day and the space inside is limited, his or her movements might be restricted and low. However, you will feel some movement every day. Talk to your ob/gyn as to what kind of movements are considered normal and be sure to keep mentally registering how many times your baby is punching or kicking.

Your baby’s brain is also almost fully developed, but the skull will still be soft and flexible to allow for easy birth. This month, your baby could start preparing for birth by turning upside down for the birth position.

What Happens To Your Body This Month?

The belly bump is becoming bigger everyday and your clothes might start becoming tighter sooner than you’d like. Your belly button might pop out this month and might move as your baby moves! Your uterus is almost at full capacity, pressing against your bladder, so expect more bathroom visits, even at night when you are trying to sleep.

Talking about sleep, you might feel uncomfortable owing to your growing belly. However, take rest whenever possible as from the seventh month onwards, you might not find the right position to sleep and might wake up quite often to visit the washroom. You will also start noticing stretch marks around your bump, breasts, buttocks and thighs. In continuation with last month, your body has gone into prep mode for the birth and you might start feeling Braxton Hicks contractions or false labour.

You might start feeling back pain because of the heavy bump and aches around your knees and ankles as your body weight is increasing. In addition, you might also notice that the skin around your bump is itchy as it is one of the side effects of the skin around the belly stretching to accommodate the baby and the bump.

You will start feeling more tired and might have difficulty in finding your balance as the bump changes your centre of gravity. Your belly will also make very routine activities like sitting and bending a bit more challenging than usual. Your breasts will continue to grow, with your nipples becoming darker and occasionally leaking colostrum or early milk. The veins around your breasts will also become more prominent, readying itself for the baby.

Things To Know This Month

You might find yourself feeling a little anxious about the birth. It’s best that you talk to your doctor and share your feelings with family and friends too as it helps reduce stress. Wear comfortable clothes and keep pillows to assist you with a good sleeping position. Take rest, drink plenty of water and have a healthy diet. Engage in light exercise and walks after consulting with your ob/gyn. Read up more about false labour and how to differentiate between Braxton Hicks and real, preterm labour. Always keep track of your baby’s movement and if you feel something is wrong, do not hesitate to get in touch with your doctor.

Overall, try to keep the stress at bay and just keep focusing on having a happy. Healthy baby.

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