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Week 39: Your little munchkin is now the size of a pumpkin!

Week 39: Your little munchkin is now the size of a pumpkin!

Congratulations, you and your baby are now officially full-term! You’re going to see your little one in less than a week now. This week is crucial and quite confusing, because you don’t quite know when you will go into labour. Every contraction will feel like an announcement of Labour, but you need to stay calm and think rationally. We know moms, this can be a trying time both physically and emotionally, since you’re now in the last leg of your pregnancy. Just like you, your baby is also preparing for their grand entry into the world. They too, are applying the final touches to their process of growth and development. At the 39th week, your little one is the size of a pumpkin!

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How much has your baby grown this week?

  • Your baby is now approximately 48 to 53 cm in length and weighs about 3.2 to 3.6 kg. They are now about as big as a pumpkin.
  • Although they don’t grow much in size anymore at this stage, your baby’s brain is growing at a rapid pace; their brain is already 30%bigger than what it was four weeks ago
  • The baby’s skin, that was pinkish all these days is now whitish or whitish gray in color. This is because of the deposition of a thick layer of fat right under the skin. Their skin color remains like this till shortly after birth
  • Your baby now weighs as much as they will weigh at birth
  • Due to the rapid growth of the brain, your baby’s head accounts for about one third of their entire body weight
  • Although your baby’s lungs are ready for the wails and cried, their tear ducts aren’t quite there yet. So, it will be at least a few weeks after birth that you’ll be wiping their first tear off their cheek!
  • Over the next week, your baby will continue to descend further into your pelvis. This makes the process of birth a lot easier. It also indicates that now you may find it easier to breathe than before, but your bathroom visits will get more frequent
  • Your baby’s immune system is getting stronger and stronger every day
  • Your baby’s lungs are almost fully developed at this stage
  • Babies at te 39th week of pregnancy are considered full-term babies. They do not face any life risks or risks of lifelong disabilities anymore. However, doctors still prefer if the baby is born on or after the 40th week mark

What can you expect to see in the ultrasound this week

  • In the ultrasound this week, you can get a clear view of about three-fourths of the baby’s face, with features looking quite prominent
  • Your doctor will check to see the baby’s position in your uterus, and then accordingly, decide whether you should opt for a normal delivery or a caesarian delivery.
  • Ideally, your baby will have descended lower into your pelvis by this time. 
  • Your baby will still be seen wiggling and turning in your uterus
  • Although you can’t see it, your baby’s brain is developing at a rapid pace.

Things you must do this week

  • You will feel like snacking ever so often now. Whenever you feel like eating a snack, make sure the snack is healthy.
  • Check if your water has broken. If you can feel an odorless fluid trickling down your vagina which you cannot control or stop, it is amniotic fluid and indicates that your water has broken.
  • Your body has been through a lot lately, and is going to go through a lot in the months to come. Nap whenever you can and give your body the rest it deserves
  • If you have noticed that your baby is breech, then you can try a few exercises to turn the baby’s head towards the birth canal. Of course, you must consult your doctor and get the exercises approved by them before you start doing them
  • We hope you have not stopped the consumption of DHA. continue it for as long as you can, as it helps boost the baby’s brain development, as well as helps you combat postpartum depression.

You are now a week or less away from seeing and holding your little one in your arms for the first time. Be prepared, as Labour can be around the corner soon enough. Keep a hospital bag ready, and make sure you have a car seat installed beforehand. Good luck!

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