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We Welcome Our Baby

December 3, 2020

Dear baby,When you were born i didn't know how to react. When first time i hold u in my arms i didn't know if i should be happy or i should cry. Then soon i realized what it takes to become a mother. Those sleepless nights, frustrating days, ur unstoppable crying, ur poo n pee, ur stubborness, ur tantrums etc "phew". I was exhausted. I wanted to shout and yell "oh what i have done. I have lost my freedom, my LIFE". I was sad.But then came the day u look at me and smiled, u holded me in ur arms and hugged tightly. U didnt wanted any toy or expensive clothes but just me. I felt selfless love. I felt wanted and needed. I realized i havent lost my life but i have been given another life. Another life named "SACHI", my lovely sweet & cuteee little angle,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,