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Vaccination Rulebook: Aftercare Tips For Your Baby

December 3, 2020

The thought of immunising their little babe can have even the most lionhearted of parents shuddering in their boots. Most of the time, without reason.

Vaccines can build an unshakeable wall of immunity around your child, protecting them from life-threatening illnesses and diseases. And yet, they’re not the most pleasant experience to have to put your child through. So, why opt for a paediatric immunisation schedule? This guide answers the question.

What Are Vaccinations?

Simply put, vaccinations are little shots of immunity that trigger the production of antibodies in your child’s system. A vaccine mimics the invasion of germs, prompting your child’s body into battle mode. In turn, the body releases antibodies in the same way it would if it were fighting an illness. This process ensures the antibodies produced remain in your child’s system long after the administration of the vaccination, warding off any threat of the actual disease.

What Vaccination Symptoms Can I Expect In My Baby?

Vaccinations can present various symptoms, some more severe than others. If you’re lucky, your little tot might tide over these symptoms altogether and adjust to their new prick with utmost ease. However, it’s important to stay one step by keeping abreast of symptoms so you can treat your child in the best way if you do spot one.

Mild Fever

It’s normal for a mild fever to occur in the wake of a vaccination. Your doctor might suggest paracetamol to soothe your baby’s discomfort. Before administering any type of medication, however, have your doctor confirm the fever is indeed an outcome of the vaccination, and double-check recommended dosages.


Your baby might become a seasoned meltdown maven in the days after vaccination. Take heart in knowing this is normal. You might even find your baby rejecting feeds and showing a loss of appetite. This is normal too, and not a serious cause for concern. Hold your baby close and gently cradle, rock or massage them into a peaceful slumber. Also, make sure to check the temperature of the room is moderate. A warm room can cause your baby to become testy and irritable.


Don’t let swelling or redness around the injection site get your little one down. A little inflammation is normal. Tranquillise the affected area with an ice pack or cool compress for about fifteen minutes. If you find the swelling persisting, ask your doctor for a recommended course of medication.

Mild Rash

Spy a mild rash about a week after your baby’s measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination? This is a typical symptom of the MMR vaccine. Cast away your worries in knowing that the rash will subside in a day or two.

How Can I Soothe My Child After a Vaccination?

The days and weeks after your child’s vaccination can seem like a perpetual lesson in firefighting, with you forever managing flare-ups, soothing inflammations and extinguishing meltdowns. If that sounds familiar, look to these tips for help.

Lend Comfort to Your Baby

As your baby lies on the vaccination table about to get gently pricked, cradle their arm to lend them a familiar, comforting touch. While your baby will likely still shed a tear or two during the vaccination, your being close can make a world of difference.

Feed Your Baby

Momma’s milk can be just what the doctor ordered to cure the wails of your agitated baby. Go on and find a quiet spot to feed your little munchkin and help channel attention away from the prick.

Find Diversions

Much like milk, toys and gadgets can prove as useful antidotes for your bawling babe. Light up your phone with an animated video, bring along a toy or tune the television to a channel that grabs your tot’s attention.

Vaccinations for your newborn baby can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re assured of a teary finale. By knowing what to expect, you can cocoon your baby in comfort and healing in the wake of the dreaded prick. With this guide, conjure a magic bag of remedies to have your baby back in strength and spirit, in a jiffy.

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