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Twin Pregnancy Symptoms and Early Signs

Most Woman wonder if they could be expecting twins or triplets in the earlier stage of their pregnancy. It differs from woman to woman, but there are some symptoms which indicate that you are having more than one baby.

The symptoms of Twin Pregnancy are:

More and faster weight gain

A woman may gain up to 5 kg in the first trimester due to increased blood volume and uterine size. By the end of the second-trimester mot women usually, gain between 7-12 kg while moms expecting one baby usually gain between 5-10 kg.

A large-for-date uterus

When uterus appears to be growing more rapidly than expected for the due date, then multiple pregnancies may be suspected. There are other causes also of a larger uterus such as miscalculated due date, an excessive amount of amniotic fluid, or the presence of uterine fibroids.

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Severe morning sickness

Women who are expecting twin or multiple pregnancies face severe morning sickness from a singleton pregnancy. Try these options when nausea hits you:

  •        Eat a healthy balanced diet like a meal full of protein, fat, and complex carbs which not only nourishes you and your baby but also regulate blood sugar.
  •        Have peppermint and ginger tea to get relief from stomach upset and nausea.
  •        Eat something healthy which has protein and complex carbs as soon as you wake up.

Fetal movement early in the pregnancy

Most moms claim that those early kicks and flips were their first clue that they might be having more than one baby.

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When the doctor hears two or more heartbeats as early as 10 to 12 weeks

The doctor may listen to two or more separate pulses. Multiple pregnancies are diagnosed when the heartbeat rates are different.

Abnormally high results from an Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) test

High results in an AFP test is the first symptom that there may be twins. In AFP test a protein is measured which is secreted by the fetal liver. If there is more than one baby, then the amount of protein is high in the mother’s blood. However high protein can also a sign of abnormalities with a single baby.

Extreme fatigue

Carrying and nurturing two or more babies is very exhausting. Woman with multiple pregnancies mostly complains about fatigue and exhaustion. To get relief from exhaustion:

  •        Go to bed early before 9 p.m. every night
  •        Take a deep breath if you are not able to sleep
  •        Drink plenty of water
  •        Walk 20 minutes a day. It boosts the energy

Water Retention

Woman with multiple pregnancies retains more water in a twin pregnancy than during a singleton pregnancy.

Predisposition to having twins

Several factors such as twins in the mother family, advanced age, the use of fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation and in-vitro fertilization lead to multiple pregnancies.

Extreme Breast Tenderness

Pregnancy makes breasts sore and tender, but in the case of multiple pregnancies, tenderness of breast is extreme. Here are some tips to reduce the soreness of breasts:

  •        Wear loose and cotton bra to avoid the pain.
  •        Avoid running, bouncing your breasts until the sensitivity subsides
  •        Consider making your breasts temporarily off limits to the partner.

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How is twin Pregnancy Confirmed?

Your doctor may suspect that you are expecting twins, but it is not confirmed until you are not diagnosed.

  •        Ultrasound is done two checks if there are one or more embryos.
  •        Hearing separate heartbeats on a Doppler

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What are the complications of a Twin Pregnancy?

The risk of pregnancy increases during a twin pregnancy, however, it is not necessary that you will have complication just because you are pregnant with twins. Some of the complications of a twin pregnancy are:

  •        Premature birth
  •        Babies with lower birth weight
  •        One baby is smaller than the other
  •        Preeclampsia
  •        Gestational diabetes

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