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Travel Beauty Essentials

December 3, 2020

Travel makes you age backwards. While that may be true for a person’s soul, it’s definitely false for the skin. Travel can have an adverse impact on your skin and possibly age you, what with the kind of air pollution we are constantly exposed to.

Therefore, skin care and hair care are of utmost importance, especially when you travel to a foreign destination.

Here are some travel beauty essentials that you must carry.

  • Skin care:

skin care is of utmost importance[/caption] If you’re travelling to a tropical location, sunscreen with a good enough SPF is a must. It protects you from the harmful Ultra Violet radiation of the sun. When visiting a cold place, moisturizer is the to-go product for you. Amongst other things, carry face wash, toner, eye cream, foot cream, night cream, face masks and make-up remover (in case you bring along your make-up).

If you have sensitive skin, do make sure you visit a dermatologist before your trip. He’ll prescribe dermatologically-safe skin care for you.

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  • Hair care:

For hair care, carry shampoo, conditioner, a couple of combs and brushes, hair dryer and hairspray. You could opt for dry shampoo in case you’re travelling in the wild. Carry travel size hair straightener and curlers to style your hair. Take along tweezers to pluck your eyebrows and razor or trimmer to get rid of excess body hair.

  • Lip care:

An ultra-cold climate will require the use of lip balm along with moisturizer to avoid chapping of lips and dry skin. Lip balms come in tubs or tubes. Carry one or two of them depending on the length of your stay.

  • Nail care:

Carry nail cutter and travel size manicure-pedicure kit if you can find a small compact and portable one. Keeping your nails clean is important, especially to avoid picking up any dirt as you might catch some infection.

  • Teeth care:

Carry your toothbrush along with toothpaste that contains salt, charcoal or herbs. Don’t forget to carry floss.

  • Miscellaneous:

If you’re going to a tropical country or a place that is infested with mosquitos, you should definitely carry mosquito repellant. No matter which place you travel to, just to be on the safe side, carry it along with you. Hot and humid climate can make you sweat through your clothes. Carrying fragrances with you will help. You’ll need something to pack all the above beauty essentials. Invest in a good travel organizer to keep all of it in an organized manner.

  • First-aid:

First-aid might not be a beauty essential, but it certainly is vital for any cuts that you might get while trimming the excess body hair. First-aid is also helpful in case of emergency when there are minor issues like burns and cuts.

When you purchase all these travel staples, it will be better if they are organic. Too many chemicals in the products can sometimes harm you more than if you go without the product. So, dump those products made from toxic chemicals and instead go for natural or herbal-based ones.

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It will be great if you can purchase travel size packs of these beauty essentials; otherwise, it may end up making your luggage extra bulky. But make sure you put in your check-in baggage if you’re travelling by air as airlines have restrictions when it comes to carrying liquids in cabin baggage. If you’re not able to carry any of the above things, you could use local products like Aloevera for burns, turmeric for cuts, and rose, milk, and honey for skin care. Did we miss out on anything? Do you have any more travel hacks? Post it in the comments section below!

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