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Top 5 short moral stories for Kids

Many parents find it hard to get time off their busy schedules and due to this, children derive most of their source of entertainment from the internet or other external sources. However, it is extremely important for the parents to spend some amount of quality time with their children as not only it helps in strengthening their bond with the children, but it also allows the parents to impart values and ethics to the children at an early age.

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The impact of stories:

Though you can do various things to spend time with your child or entertain your child, telling stories to the children is one of the best ways. Stories fascinate children, encourage them to develop their thinking abilities, impart ethics and values, and strengthen the parent-child bond. At an early age, children do not understand the logic but solely rely on emotions to develop their understanding, which is why storytelling has been so popular among children.

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Top 5 short moral stories:

Here are a few simple and widely known moral stories that you can begin with:

  1. The boy and the wolf:

This tale is one of the most popular ones, because of its simple yet powerful message. There was once a young boy who took his sheep for grazing every day. However, he found his job boring and decided to have some fun instead. So one day, while he took his sheep for grazing, he cried “Wolf!” repeatedly to gain the attention of the villagers. The village people thought that there is a wolf who is trying to kill and eat the sheep and hence they quickly gathered their weapons and reached out to help the boy, only to find out that there was no wolf and the body was lying and simply having fun.

The boy played the same trick, again and again, a few more times and kept fooling the villagers. However, one day, a wolf really appeared and started killing and eating the sheep. The boy again cried “Wolf!” for help but this time none of the villagers came to rescue him. This is because the villagers were used to his lying and thought that this time too, the boy is trying to fool them.

Moral: lying and making up stories to gain attention is wrong.

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  1. The tortoise and the hare:

Perhaps no other tale is as widely-known as the story of the tortoise and the hare. This story teaches the importance of perseverance and humility and is quite famous among kids. There was once a hare who was very proud of his speed. He used to make fun of other animals, especially the tortoise for being very slow. The hare, being very haughty, challenged the tortoise to a race and the tortoise surprisingly agreed to it.

As the race began, the hare, on gaining sufficient lead against the tortoise, thought of resting for a few moments as it’d take lots of time for the tortoise to cover the same distance. However, the hare kept on sleeping while the tortoise slowly and steadily took over and won the race.

Moral: one must not be arrogant of one’s abilities. Steadiness and perseverance can help in overcoming even the most impossible challenges.

  1. The lion and the rabbit:

This tale teaches the importance of being smart and wise. Once there was a lion who every day killed and ate animals in the jungle. The animals held a meeting in the presence of the lion and decided that each day one of the animals will directly go to the lion and offer itself. This way, the lion would not have to waste energy hunting, and all the other animals will be able to live in peace. Both the animals of the jungle and the lion agreed to this deal. Every day one animal went to the lion and the lion killed and ate it. This continued for some time until the turn of the hare, who was both wise and smart. When the hare’s turn came, he went to the lion and told about another lion who lives in the well and claims to be the real king of the jungle.

The lion, on hearing this, got angry and asked the hare to lead him to the other lion. The hare, cunningly, leads the lion to the well and asked him to look into it. As the lion saw into it, he saw his own reflection and mistook it as another lion. Moreover, when he roared, he mistook the echo of his own roar as the roar of the other lion. Feeling challenged, he jumped into the well and died.

Moral: strength without smartness and wisdom is futile.

  1. The Ant and the grasshopper:

This story teaches the importance of hard work and planning. Once there were two friends, the ant, and the grasshopper. While the ant used to work hard all day to collect and store as much food as he could, the grasshopper simply killed his time playing around or sleeping. The grasshopper would also ask the ant to play with him, but the ant knew the importance of hard work and planning.

The ant knew that the food he is storing will be useful in the winters. Soon the winter came and the ant lived through comfortably with his stored food while the grasshopper starved every day as he could not find any food to eat.

Moral: hard work and planning for the future are very important.

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  1. The lion and the mouse:

The story of the lion and the mouse is another widely known inspiring tale for children. Once there lived a lion who was very proud of himself and his strength. One day, he was nonchalantly roaming around in the jungle and got caught in a trap set by humans. He was badly caught in a net, and the more he tried to escape, the tighter the net grew. After spending all his energy and strength, he finally gave up. Soon a mouse was passing by and he saw the lion trapped inside the net.

The mouse asked the lion if he needed any help. The lion told the mouse that he being the strongest animal in the jungle could not open the net, how could a tiny mouse be of any help. The mouse simply used its sharp teeth and broke open the nets. The lion was extremely delighted and thanked the mouse for its help.

Moral: this is a special moral for children as it teaches them that no matter how small they are, they can always be of help.

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