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Top 5 frequently asked questions about gynaecology!

December 3, 2020

Well, half the women around the world have a list of questions related to gynaecology problems that they are too embarrassed or shy to ask their ob-gyn. If you think or even believe it's probably not the right thing to ask these questions to the doctor, then you are wrong. If you think asking your friends around might be the right thing to do, you are wrong again. Because sometimes the information you receive from your best bud or other non-experts is not the correct answer.

Therefore, here are a few of the doubts and questions about your gynaecology problems answered by the experts.

1. Why does my vagina smell funny? Is it normal?

Well yes. The mild smell is coming from the white discharge, and it is entirely normal. In fact, it is a sign of a healthy vagina. During the cycle, there is a lot of hormonal changes happening in the body which results in the discharge. A mild smell is normal but if the smell is strong and the texture is abnormal, then it's a good idea to consult a gynaecologist. It can be a sign of a yeast infection.

Also, it is assumed that the smell is related to the kind of food you consume (even though no substantial facts is supporting it). It is believed that pungent foods like asparagus, garlic, fermented soy, etc. can cause a slight change in how the vaginal area smells.

2. Is having heavy flow normal?

Heavy period or flow is generally defined as soaking through a pad or tampon in less than an hour. Menstruation is a normal reproductive function and should not make a dent in your quality of life. But when you have to rush into the bathroom to change your pad or tampon every hour, it can be quite frustrating.

If you are facing any such issues, we suggest you consult a gynaecologist at the earliest since heavy bleeding can cause anaemia (lack of blood), weakness, and exhaustion, and can be treated with hormonal birth control.

3. Is sex safe during periods?

Sex during periods is often considered as a taboo, but as long as you are not queasy about a little blood, you can go right ahead and have your fun without worry. Also, remember to use protection as there's a high risk of transmission of blood-borne diseases like hepatitis or HIV or sexually transmitted infections during this time.

4. Should I be worried about the itching down there?

Well, it is normal, but excessive itching should be consulted with your healthcare specialist. All you have to do is Google “Gynecologist near me.” Before your periods or during your period, there are a lot of things going on in your body which includes your private regions. Itchiness right before the period is due to the changing hormones (dropping estrogen levels). This results in vaginal dryness and itchiness.

Itchiness when not on your periods can be due to yeast infections or sexually transmitted infections or due to wearing too-tight pants or staying in damp clothes for a long time. If the itching doesn't seem to subside, consult a gynaecologist to rule out infections or a yeast imbalance.

5. Is it normal to have acne in my pubic area?

Well, this is a big misconception. According to gynaecologists the bumps in your pubic area is not acne, but they are a result of using a razor roughly. Therefore, if the bumps down there are irritating you then stop using the razor for a while to rule out an infection or a rash. If it still doesn’t go away, then we suggest you consult a gynaecologist for a more professional opinion.

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