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Tips On How Moms-To-Be Can Enjoy The Festival Of Colours- HOLI!!

December 3, 2020

With Holi around the corner, keep in mind these basic care tips so that your pregnancy doesn’t spoil the festive spirit.

Being pregnant means you have different priorities than you did before. But doesn't that mean you can't have fun and enjoy yourself? No!! You can have lots of fun and celebrations on your first Holi after knowing you are expecting. Wouldn't you want to join the special celebrations? Playing Holi during pregnancy can land you in a number of disastrous troubles. So, for your good health and your foetus’s well-being, follow the given advices on celebrating Holi without inviting trouble.

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1.Go Herbal

  • If you want to play Holi with colours, the best way is to use of ‘herbal colours’. Natural colours made from herbal or vegetable dyes are considered safe for you and your baby. These natural or herbal dyes use floral and herbal extracts in their colours which act as anti-oxidants as well.

  • Avoid the use of Gulal (Synthetic Holi colours). It contains a number of toxic chemicals, which are harmful for the skin. These colours contain chemicals like lead oxide, copper sulphate, industrial dyes and pieces of crushed glass. Use of these colours when you are pregnant may result in premature birth, low birth weight, miscarriage or abortion. They can affect your nervous system, kidneys and the reproductive system. So, opt for natural colours, this Holi.

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2.Say NO to Water

  • Celebrating Holi with water is a complete NO for you. Playing with water may increase your chances of slipping on the floor and falling down during this time can cause severe consequences. It could cause a miscarriage, brain injuries to the foetus, displacement of the foetus and other physiological defects. And if you are in your last trimester, slipping may result in premature caesarean delivery, which has its own disadvantages.

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3.No Celebration without a Feast

  • Something you must be careful about, during Holi, is what you EAT and DRINK. On this Holi, you must avoid Bhang Lassi (the Holi drink). Bhang is an intoxicant with narcotic properties, which can result in increased heart rate, blood pressure and bring other detrimental effects. Bhang can also affect foetus’s nervous system and brain.

  • During pregnancy, women may develop gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes goes away with childbirth. But, gestational diabetes may result in caesarean section, stillbirth, low birth weight, obese child, large baby and high blood pressure in the mother. So, on the occasion of Holi, you need to keep a check on your intake of fatty and sugary food. It may harm you and your baby. Celebrate this Holi with sugar-free sweets and healthy snacks. And, if you already have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it is better to avoid Holi sweets and snacks.

  • Also remember not to stuff yourself too much or you might get indigestion, heartburn or acidity. Instead, eat less but more often. Keep yourself hydrated. Braxton Hicks contractions are sometimes associated with being dehydrated, so make sure you always have some water at hand.

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Keep things in balance and, you may never know, this may be the best Holi ever! HAPPY HOLI! HAPPY PREGNANCY!

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