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There's about a cup of blood in your newly-born baby's body

December 3, 2020

Did you know that your baby has almost one cup of blood in his/her body at the time of his/her birth?

Roundabout a billion red blood cells are present in two to three drops of blood. An average adult has almost 10 to 12 pints of blood in their body. Human blood is made up of white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, plasma as well as cryoprecipitate. Up to 7 per cent of the body’s weight comes from blood.

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Placental Transfusion Protocol

Researches have brought out that a newborn baby has about 78 milli liters per kg weight that is about 210 milli liter to 250 milli liters for a healthy baby. There have been certain other observations too. This volume also can be increased by using different placental transfusion protocols.

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If the umbilical cord is not immediately out instead of the placental transfusion protocol are used, a good portion of the placental blood can be transfused to the body of the baby, increasing his/her blood volume to 126 milli liter per kg weight that is by 61% in a healthy baby of 3.5 kg weight.

This could be as much as 166 milli liters increase,1/4 of which occurs within the first 15 seconds and 1/2 within the first 60 seconds. It was also observed that in babies without placental transfusion within four hours of Life. The blood volume did not decrease whereas with placental Fusion it decreased by about 30% at the age of three days.

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The stabilisation was 93 milli liter per kg weight, blood volume with 49 milli liters per kg weight in red blood cells in case of placental transfusion while without it the corresponding values were 82 milli liters per kg weight in blood volume and 31 milli liters per kg weight in red blood cells thus indicating the benefits of placental transfusion protocol in Freezing the blood volume of newborn babies.

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Considering the above research we can come to the conclusion that a newborn baby has about a cup of blood in his/her body.

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