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The wonderful journey called pregnancy: 5 amazing things you could do during your pregnancy

December 3, 2020

Pregnancy is a period of joy. It is the time of happiness and excitement. Pregnancy is the time when your baby grows inside your womb until it is ready to be delivered. Pregnancy, also known as gestation period, consists of 9 months divided into three trimesters. It is imperative to take care of your body and mind to keep your baby healthy. Pregnancy is a time when you can focus on yourself, your likes and dislikes. Pregnant women can indulge themselves in various activities helping in body and mind fitness. There are many surprising things to do during pregnancy.

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Below are listed a few interesting things to do during pregnancy.

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Five surprising things you can do while you are pregnant.

1) Reading aloud

Research shows that babies begin to learn particular speech sounds that they hear from their mothers inside the wombs. Whatever you speak, it reaches the baby. So it is good to read books of different languages about food, travel or science that can influence your baby. You can read nursery rhymes and stories so that you feel connected to your baby.

2) Switch to a vegetarian diet

Research shows that vegetarians have a lower risk of developing diabetes and hypertension. Vegetarian food lowers the level of cholesterol. Make sure you have an iron supplement during pregnancy but try switching to a healthy vegetarian diet. Vegetables and fruits are good sources of vitamins and carbohydrates. Try going meatless one or two days a week and substitute your protein intake by beans, soya and cereals. Drink homemade fruit juices, it will boost your immunity and keep you hydrated.

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3) Join maternity yoga classes

Light yoga is the best relaxing exercise for women during pregnancy. Yoga helps you flush out all toxic thoughts from your mind and heals your body. It also helps you prepare for normal delivery. Join a nearby maternity yoga class. Practising yoga in a group is more fun and exciting with soothing background music.

4) Indulge in chocolates

Chocolate lowers the risk of heart diseases and is right for your taste buds. Recent studies reveal that having chocolates during pregnancy lowers the risk of developing preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a disorder of pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and a raised protein level in urine. Dark chocolates are even better as they contain ample amount of antioxidants. Chocolates also help in handling your mood swings which is very common during pregnancy. Although eating a lot of chocolates is also not advisable as it might add up to the calories.

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5) Plan a trip  


Travelling is the best remedy for a healthy mind. The second trimester of pregnancy is comparatively a safe period for you to plan a trip. Go out with your close family and friends.

These are some of the things you can do while you are pregnant. It is important for you to stay happy and motivated. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey a woman should experience with love and care.

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